4 Reasons We Love to Hate Assassin’s Creed

"Let us begin this by saying: Assassin’s Creed is hands down one of the best video game franchises we have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. We absolutely love the series and all of it’s games and it is only because of our love for the series are we able to express our disappointments with the decisions that have been made by the Assassin’s Creed team over at Ubisoft." - JPS

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iamnsuperman2615d ago

More ancestors would be good but I prefer it as it is. To many bloodlines would just overload the story. There is a story to be told and having fewer important characters with a deep back story than have many main characters with little in depth experience.

I can understand why a Desmond story is coming in 2012 as that is where the story ends. I would love for them to take a year extra to really push the next game.

SageHonor2615d ago

I didnt understand the first part. Are you saying fewer characters with deeper backstories and roles is better than lots O characters with not as deep backstories?

iamnsuperman2615d ago

Yes sorry missed out "is better than".

SageHonor2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Oh okay I get it. I agree with you 100%

easto1a2615d ago

it has issues but still cant wait for AC R

J86blum2615d ago

All I ask for is more stealth kills playing an assassin i found some fights or people of interest to kill way to over guarded and no 2nd way in or around, its like they forced us to sometimes go in sword swinging.

jack_burt0n2615d ago

Yep its like they never played tenchu.

J86blum2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Tenchu wow.. amazing game rikimaru! they need to bring that to the PS3 as a reboot (though they did that already once.) but man Tenchu..needs some love.

the co-op team kills when it cut to the black screen was pure magic.

Laxman2162614d ago

Oh absolutely. For master assassins, you dont get much choice to be stealthy, and generally end up fighting large groups of people, or killing the target and running away.

While I know its a very different game, Hitman is a good example of how assassin-based games should give the option to play completely stealthy or outright homicidal. If they weren't churning out annual sequels, this could be a possibility.

Cosmit2615d ago

I'm thinking of getting GAMEFLY just so I can get all Assassins Creed and pass their story. I heard it has a great story.

Have yet to play one. In preparation for Assassins Creed Revelations :D

WiIIiam2615d ago

Skip the first one. Everything you need to know is recapped in the second one anyway. Really, Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood are leaps and bounds ahead of the first game, and they are also some of the best action/adventure titles out there.

iamnsuperman2615d ago

Very true. The first may actually put you off. It is very repetitive and the ending isn't all that great. I am not saying it is a bad game but they got their act together for AC2 with a better story

Cosmit2615d ago

Yeah I was reading some comments the other day about the first one on youtube or yahoo answers I think. People were saying it was very repetitive and that the second one was a MAJOR improvement. And I may get put off by it. But I want to get the full Story experience as I also read that I probably won't understand the story unless I play all games in order.

So I can just skip the first one as you say?
Would be a big relief if I can skip it lol.
It will probably feel to outdated to me Haha :P

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2615d ago

Skip the first one. It really doesn't add to much for the main storyline, it'll just give you some background to one of the characters. I found the first one too repetive and didn't complete it, went on to complete the next 2. Trust me, your not missing much.

Quagmire2614d ago

If you get Revelations for PS3, it will come WITH the first game bundled on the blu-ray disc itself. So play the first one, and if you dont like it, skip it, read the plot outline on wikipedia, and then start AC2.

Relientk772615d ago

Im kinda shocked they didnt say an Assassin's Creed game comes out every year. That may be true, but they are quality games. Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood both are AMAZING games

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