MW3: Infection Game Mode

Project NaTL:
Ever played Halo 3 or Halo: Reach? I’ve played both. One thing I loved was the infection game mode. I never really played public matches on either games. I would just party up with friends and play some infection games. Halo: Reach wasn’t that fun because of the map limitations. Halo 3 was perfect because you could pick any map, and add a infection game mode on it. Well, Call of Duty is bringing in something similar. A new game mode in private matches only, called “Infection.” Even though it’s probably not the same thing, it might attract many people. Here’s where the news comes from:

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zeal0us2565d ago

"Does it increase your hype?"

Nope haven't really thought about picking up the game. I only got a few games on my to get list
-MGS Collection
-Deus HR(maybe)
-Dark Souls(lesser maybe)
-Dead Island(l4d getting a little boring need something new)

Really just looking for games that can last a while.

narutogameking2564d ago

"Really just looking for games that can last a while."
Which is exactly why I pre-ordered Modern Warfare 3.

I'm picked up Dark Souls at launch so I'll be playing that as well.

ProjectNaTL2564d ago

Different taste, I'll be playing Modern Warfare 3 til the next CoD, and so on. I find CoD games to be fun no matter what. I can still go back to CoD 2 and have fun.