CVG's Fallout 3 interview, part two

CVG continue to grill Bethesda's Pete Hines about Fallout 3, plans for download content and the single-player RPG genre in general...

Tidbits from the inteview:
- Game length: "20 good hours for the main quest and all of the side quest stuff is probably at least another 20 hours"
- PS3 downloadable content: "We are still looking into it on the PSN side, and as far as any other DLC, it's still TBD."

Pete Hines also talks about the size of Fallout 3's game world, why it is smaller than Oblivion's, and what he thinks about the impact of MMO genre on the popularity of single-player RPGs.

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MK_Red4010d ago

Nice find but this one is less about Fallout and most about other stuff from singleplayer RPG (FTW!) to Oblivion DLC and such.