How have Achievements/Trophies changed the way you game?

Achievements and trophies are an immensely popular aspect to video games on current consoles. They are so hot, some gamers will not play older games due to the lack of these mechanics. With this in mind, how have achievements/trophies changed the way you game?

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zeal0us2562d ago

Before achievements I always tried to play my games to the fullest extent. After achievements came into existences it was the same thing. So I really can't say they really done a whole lot for me beside confuse me when I first got my 360.

When I first got my 360 I thought the achievement points could be used to buy dlc *facepalm*.

TurismoGTR2562d ago

Personality.. for me, I could care less about trophies and achievements.

As a regular campaign game such as Assiassn Creed, Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, etc.. I just beat the game once and it.

But for sports game.. It's a different story cause you unlock players and stuff..

Misterhbk2562d ago

They haven't changed the way I game at all. I don't continue to play a game for trophies or achievements. If I get them, cool, if not oh well. Just wanna enjoy the game.

I know others that love getting them though so to each his own. Whatever makes playing the game more fun for you!


None...I dont even notice when they pop up.

Knuxxx2562d ago

I seriously doubt any of you guys absolutely don't care about trophies or achievements. If gaming has a significant role in your life then I'm all but certain you would care, you don't have to put effort into it, but you would make some kind a note or try and get trophies in games you really like, but I'm calling bandwagon on you guys

TheDivine2562d ago

LOL, i thought achievment points were ms points also. I still think they should make first party arcade games thet are like 5000 achievement points so you can get real rewards for gaming. A little thank you from ms or sony. Also have avatars and themes unlocked at certain trophy levels so the whole 360/ps3 account can be "leveled up" and get free stuff of yur choice. As it is now i play the same as i did before, play through the game and on to the next one. I like getting achievements/trophies but i never care to platinum a game. I just couldnt go through a game trying to do every little challenge when theres so many games i need to play. I thought about getting demons souls plat but lost interest.

If i unlock it by a normal playthrough great, if not i wont ever get it. Every trophy/achievement i have is by chance and im proud of that.

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xYLeinen2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Personally I got mixed feelings about trophies. Since the day I bought a PS3 and got my first platinum I try to platinum every game I play. It's satisfying in a way. Personally of course.

The pros about this is that I 100% every game I buy and get a lot of value out of it with often multiple playthroughs depending on difficulty etc. It often challenges me rather than only running through a game.

What I don't like is that I know research every game before I play it. Meaning I check every game I play if there are missable trophies etc. I rarely watch gameplay before playing a new game, but it happens. Example it could be a hidden item, or room which is missable during a playthrough of the story.

This is just how I am with games on the PS3 and doubt it can be changed so I just deal with it. Because of it I often blame the trophy system for being there >_>

It has changed the way I play games in the way that I want and "need" to get the trophies if they are obtainable (time and skill).

fluffydelusions2562d ago

Depends on the game. If I like a game then I will go all out but if I dislike a game then I don't care.

acemonkey2562d ago

yes somewhat....i play alot of games and one way to be done with the game is getting 100% or Plat or that 1000+gamerscore....but there some games i still pop in that ive beat 100%.....but its rewarding to get a trophy thats really hard or just annoying....but yeah sometimes ive dream of ways to get a trophy ive been working on lol corny but its what they will do to you

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