Call of Duty 4 Busts Out Funny Arabic Mistakes

Kotaku writes:

"Arabic is read right to left, but many of the in-game Arabic signs have been mirrored right to left so they come out backwards, funny and strange to native speakers. As Hatem points out, almost all the letters in Arabic connect. More often than not, the in-game signs feature Arabic letters that don't connect, changing meaning."

Follow the link to see all the mistakes.

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InMyOpinion3985d ago

The way they portray arabs in that game is disgraceful.

lawman11083985d ago Show
eclipsegryph3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Have you seen the way they treated United States G.I.s? They just go around shooting everything that moves, as if they were just senseless killing machines!

Edit: Crap, now after saying that it sounds like I'm on the same side as lawman1108. Please make no mistake, there's nothing proud or right about that person's bigoted thinking.

I was just saying that the misrepresentation of a people doesn't stop at just the Arabs.

peepingtom3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Who would you like to see replacing these extremists in the game?

Maybe the yanks?

COD4 is a WAR game .... the scenarios in the game are very realistic in modern day circumstances.

Regardless of who the bad guys are they can not be made out to be nicey nicey, otherwise it wouldnt be a war game, you would be playing out a massacre.

Is that what you want?

EDIT: @1.1 .... now you are generalising, and I think you need to relaise we are talking about a game, and in no way should this GAME be treated as propaganda!

The Killer3985d ago

i am arabic!!
but i dont blame u so much!! its not only ur fault! its the media fault also!! do u know that Hollywood made more than 1000 movie that shows arabs r bad?? and in the news and tv channels everywhere they try to show us in a bad way and the jews in the good way!! did u realized that many comedy movies the star actors are jews?? my point is the media is controlled by zionest(extreme jews)!!
about 9/11... that very bad and in Islam it forbids killing innocents!! so those who did it they are doing it for them selfs and they love to use any mean to justify their actions by using islam!!
and let me ask u 1 question!! how many iraqi and afghani innocent people have died in the hands of american soldiers?? i think u can multiply the number 3000*100 at least!!
in palastine every day until this day people die from Israeli soldiers and america is allowing it!! but if they kill Israeli in israel u know what will happen(BIG NEWS EVERY WHERE)

so those 9/11 dont represent 300,000,000 arab people!! i hope now u learned something about arabs!!

Mighty Boom3984d ago

Shut up you tree hugging hippy.

MIAMIFROST3984d ago who cares. We should kill all those dirty fu#$s and bring our troops home.

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killer_trap3985d ago

perhaps it's a rendering mistake. sometimes when hardware doesn't support a language fully it renders it's letters with strange effects like writing it backwards.

i'm sure ps3 hardware and 360 don't support Arabic. i have both systems and both PAL(European) and none of them had Arabic in their system menu.

lawman11083985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

There are less the 20 million Jews in the world and yet they have their own country that has a free government and is a peaceful Nuke power. You "people" have been running around cutting off the heads of people who disagree with you,stone women who are assualted sexualy make them cover up and walk behind you like dogs. I only wish the USA killed 600,000 of you in Iraq and I pray they attack Iran. I saw how your people reacted to 9/11 dancing in the streets ect. England and the rest of western Europe is sorry they ever allowed you and your people into their country's . You and yours are germs. To below...I was in the FIRST gulf war and sadly too old for the second not that I need to explain ANYTHING to a self hatein douche like you. What have you ever done for your country? smoke pot loser.

Skerj3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Just when I think you couldn't be any worse of a person, you totally outdo yourself. Kudos to you man, kudos indeed. We all know the US NEVER did anything wrong HAH. It's easy to be a big man spewing forth racist crap from behind a monitor, but if you're so "patriotic" and in tune with stopping the "evil arabs" why aren't you in Iraq right now?


I'm Canadian \o/



I'm sure it's just a texture mishap, the texture artist probably created it the correct way and it was probably mapped backwards. These aren't using system fonts.

T_O873985d ago

its just a game , sorry not just a game its a masterpiece
i was hoping i can play an arabian charecter in COD4
lets hope there will be COD4 DLC in the near future

resistive773985d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

look what ur government have done

not only 3000 but more than 600,000 people killed by chimecal weapon

lawman11083985d ago

Try posting something in ENGLISH so I can laugh at your thoughts. Do they have lightbulbs where you live? I know you don't wipe your ass, wash your feet today for your fairy god?

The Killer3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

how can the american soldiers live with it after these pictures and after what they have done???

they used chemicals that burns the skin and meat until the bones but its doesnt burn the cloths because it need water to burn!!

well american soldiers are not innocent from this war!! of course not all but any one who goes to iraq should expect to kill innocents and use forbidden weapons!!

this is the video

T_O873985d ago

you are a racist guy and racist people are below animals imho
i hope you can understand my comment since a donkey has a better IQ than you

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