NGB: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer Preview

The multiplayer emphasis during this year’s holiday period will quite rightly be focused on Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. However, if exemplary level design, expertly balanced gameplay, genre redefining features and hundreds of hours of fun are your thing, then Uncharted 3′s multiplayer is not to be missed.

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damnyouretall2561d ago

i dont think i really liked the mp beta. i would shoot someone and they would flee. could hardly get a kill and i was like wtf.

Jac5al2561d ago

Practice, practice, and more practice.

damnyouretall2561d ago

i hear ya. i have to dive into sp first though, that should help me a lil

WhiteLightning2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Or.....they could fix what's actually broken instead of fixing what dosen't need to be fixed.

Lets face it, the Summer beta after patch 3 is way better then the Subway beta.

Blindfire/Sprint is still a problem they have to deal with.......they should of just taken the Summer beta and continued from that instead of changing everything, if that was the case it made the Summer beta seem problem since they changed what people helped them fix by the end of it.

lorianguy2561d ago

There are a few glitches
(Never exploding grenade, melee after death, general lag, etc.) but it's great fun overall ;) I wish they added co-op though.

GamerSciz2561d ago

I have to admit I am not liking the fact that since the news of the "hipfire" being OP that everyone is now simply hipfiring me for like 2 or 3 bullets then melee and I am dead. Now I try and do the same and it's like half the time I get the kill or kill them as well. I aim and hit people for around 5-6 bullets with M9 and they live...that to me is a problem. Hopefully it will be a little more balanced towards aiming rather then just hipfiring.

kcuthbertson2561d ago

I'm not really digging the MP...

I was really good at UC2 MP, but this is just ridiculous. the hip fire really needs to be toned down.

JimboG2561d ago

Started off rough for me but adjusted. Some problems but one that stands out is the melee. Sometimes i get meled from 5 feet away. it's absurd.