Mega Man Appears in New Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer

Is Capcom hinting at a return of Mega Man in the new Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer? Mega Man makes an appearance...sort of.

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ZombieAssassin2564d ago

They'll use him as a selling point when they release the Arcade Edition, because come on no way Capcom gives us what we want.

princejb1342564d ago

wow nice observation, but i really hope is megaman x this time around
big fan of the series

J86blum2564d ago

So true. I wonder if it will be classic Mega or X. eaither way i'll be happy, now if they could please.. maybe add Cyclops or Guile/Nash then it be beyond stoked.

RockmanII72564d ago

At this point Megaman and Daredevil are the most likely additions to be made, either through dlc or another addition.

Rai2564d ago

hope it isn't normal megaman. It would be nice if it was X

turgore2564d ago

X is badass. Also, he would be more detailed than normal megaman.

Rai2564d ago

yeah X fully armored. if they actually put him in the game I think it would be X since zero was part of the X series.

josephayal2564d ago

Mega man for free? Yup keep draming

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