Puzzler: Name the games in the retro ads

Video-game magazines are awesome, but it's no secret that about 50 percent of their pages are advertisements. Some game companies got creative with their marketing strategies; others got sad and pathetic. How many titles can you name from these old ads?

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choadley2563d ago

I miss these kinds of ads.

THR1LLHOUSE2563d ago

Yeah, they were pretty cool.

That alien eating a game boy? I'd buy any game with an ad like that. Except whatever game that ad was for...

RockYou2563d ago

yeah...some of those are pretty god-damn terrible.

Sadie21002563d ago

Man, the 80s were the best for print ads! Some of these are absolutely ridiculous. The baseball-robot one is still kinda cool, though.

admanb2563d ago

The 80s was a weird time.

crazytown992563d ago

I actually have not seen dogfighting. For shame, terrible video game ad.

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