ELSPA Weekly Chart - Playstation 3

Can Assassin's Creed climb to top spot during its first week of release in the PS3 charts...

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gamesblow3985d ago

What is wrong with Ps3 owners? They're buying the worst games out. Motorstorm? ?? ?? Asscreed??? Please... I don't get this. R&C is the most amazing game this side of Uncharted and it's at number 10? Do people not understand how great it is? It got an ass load of 9's... It just goes to show that no matter how much a game is touted as being great, you slap up a run of the mill FPS and an over hyped UBI game up the same time on store shelves and you'll beat out greatness.

What a piece a' damn joke! People, gamers, are idiots. They're the same people representing us as a voice for reviews on these idiotic websites too.

As my e-mail from Insomniac went

"We're not concerend about the inital sales of our products. We never have been. We have the luxury of selling all year, to where as our compeition does not. We thank you for your continued support of our company and products"

Can't get any better PR than that. I love those guys.

MK_Red3985d ago

Have you actually played AC and Motorstorm? They are both incredibly fun and great games. Sure it's sad about R&C which deserves much better sales but that doesn't mean AC and others don't.
Take your hate somewhere else and let the gamers enjoy the great games.

Back to topic, AWESOME. Glad to see AC selling well. w00t w00t :)

mesh13985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

if u think rachet and clank is amazing ur a joke its a good game for a spexcfic age group or even gamer

MaximusPrime_3985d ago

i have Motorstorm since PS3 launch (march, UK)
Still playing that fun game. ;)

Dual Shock 3 is on its way to me and i will play that with Motorstorm.

Jamaicangmr3985d ago

I own Motorstorm and i can tell you it's still one of the best arcade racers out there. So i don't understand what your sayin unless you've never played it.

@ mesh1

I've read a few posts made by you and you seem to have some misguided hatrated for Uncharted. Comparing the story to a popcorn flick. Not sure if thats an insult because most all games developers try to get their games to mimic movies. Also sayin the story is just as bad a GeOW. I would suggest that unless you've actually played the game you really should not be makin such outlandish comments as it only shines a light on your small minded ignorance.

MaximusPrime_3985d ago

dont forget people are buying PS3 and their first choice game would have been Motorstorm or Resistance.

Keowrath3985d ago

As Maximus Prime said, he bought Motorstorm in March of this year when he bought his PS3. Since the Price drop a lot of new people have bought their own PS3's and are now in the market for the whole library. Motorstorm is still considered an extremely good game (not my kinda game but there's a helluva lot of people who enjoy it.) It makes sense that anyone new to the system will want to pick up a good game no matter how old it is to you if you bought the game at launch.

Assassins creed is great fun, and it's been hyped for a long time now. It's interesting to see that there is no 360 TV commercial for it, only a PS3 one (here in the UK anyway) I think Assassins creed probably appeals more to the average PS3 owner than Ratchet. I played and thoroughly enjoyed the R&C demo but I prefer the idea of a badass assassin compared with a Pixar looking cute animal (albeit with a large arsenal of firepower) Don't get me wrong, I still think R&C is an amazing game but I don't have an infinite supply of cash (like most people) so I have to pick and choose my games rather than being able to just go out and buy everything.

I probably will eventually buy Ratchet but it's not on the top of my priorities at the moment.

Ashta3985d ago

Gamesblow is right.

Well, at least the part where he is upset about people being enamored with a hyped up UBI game or just another FPS game. Granted, Resistance is awesome and Motorstorm is great but the fact that one year old games are outpacing newer and, in my arrogant opinion, BETTER games....well...what should i say really?

As for Assassin's Creed? Yeah, it's totally hyped up. That's not to say that it is a bad game, but if anyone has been to the UBI community site for AC you would have found out that this is probably the buggiest, most-glitched, repetitive game that has been released to a console in the last 5 years.

All of the stuff you have to repeat is fun to do, but damn UBI....mix it up a little bit and at least take the time to debug and test your game builds before you release them. Assassin's Creed right now pretty much plays like an early beta rather than a full game.

And Gamesblow is right: If you aren't out playing Ratchet and Clank then you have had a moment of idiocy and have forgotten what a really good game looks like. It is your -duty- to buy (or at least rent) Ratchet and Clank as a PS3 owner.

lawman11083985d ago

Look at how old most of those games are, THAT is how sad the game line up is for this system. That and the FACT that PS3 owners (and I am guilty) DO NOT BUY GAMES.. If I have a choice between PS3 or 360 game to buy I ALWAYS buy the 360, they are known to be the better version. As for R&C that is a kids game and "kids" did not buy the PS3 adults who want more adult games did and that is why that game (along with a long list of others...hello Lair and HS) is a FLOP.

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sajj3163985d ago

PS3 owners need to start supporting their system and buy the games that are worth it. IMO though, Rachet might be indirectly targeted for kid and casual gamers, although the game is hardcore in the sense of technical accomplishment. I will be buying Rachet today to show my support for Insomniac. Will you?

PS3 fans moan about software sales and the PS3 attach rate. Do something about it!

SIX3984d ago

You echo my sentiments. Bubbles for that.

ddldave3985d ago

wtf, motorstorm and resistance is still selling that well? people really need to move on to gran turismo 5 prologue demo from japanese psn and buy call of duty 4.

lawman11083985d ago

Hands down the best game on the PS3 BAR NONE (if it had rumble it would have sold more) and for a launch title that makes it even better and quite a bar for KZ2 to have to jump over. I still don't know how a C- game (KZ1) got the hype that it has, that game will be the let down of 2008/2009

theoneandonly3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Sorry but METAL GEAR SOLID 4 looks better than all of them, ASSASSINS CREED still selling the highest isn't surprising....a great stealth game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And SPLINTER CELL 5 next year, FTW

PS3 owners are buying the system for MOVIES FIRST, games when its worth it. DEFINITELY.

v1c1ous3985d ago

great big AAA games come out, and you give semi-decent sales to the crappy ones like Lair, yet Rachet and Clank fizzles out around the 75k mark.

and Uncharted isn't doing too good either.

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