Men In Black: Can Activision Get It Right? (

Activision is hard at work on a new Men In Black game. But has some suggestions to make sure the game doesn't suck like the last ones..

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sublIME2s2659d ago

I don't think so. Just my two cents, I miss the movies though!


Regardless of the developer because i know people just love to hate on activision because of Cod but i see this as just another crap movie game just like Transformers,avatar..e.t.c

But hey this is N4G so i can expect some more Cod trolls/haters/BF fanboys coming to trash the article just because activision is in the topic.

sublIME2s2659d ago

Actually I'm not bashing activision because of CoD. I actually like CoD.

But Activision has been ruining games. Want an example ? 007 Blood Stone :) and many other games.

arjman2659d ago

Activision don't deserve sympathy when you look at their business practices.

SilentNegotiator2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Movie-side release schedule, the developers behind Cabela, making a shooter out of what is more comedy than anything else....

What could go right?

Blaze9292659d ago

can they get any movie game right?

ChocolateGiddyUp2659d ago

They got Spider-Man 2 right. They've gotten it wrong ever since, but that game is amazing.

Pintheshadows2659d ago

If the game fails the developer will be out on their arse. Blood Stone was solid as was Blur and look what happened there. If it doesn't do well financially Activision don't care.

MasterD9192659d ago

Base it off the comics and not the movies and you should be alright.

It's not like Will & Tommy would lend their voices...maybe Rip Torn would...he'd probably spend that money on an intergalactic kegger though...

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