Glossy Eyed reviews RAGE

Early in the game, before you barely have control of your character, you are rescued by a hearty sniper voiced by John Goodman (sounding a lot like he did in “Monsters Inc.”) As he drives you back to his camp and away from the marauding bandits who want to kill you, you’ll notice he’s got a bobblehead doll on the dashboard of his buggy. At first Glossy Eyed thought it was Master Chief. Closer inspection reveals it is the space marine from “DOOM.”

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JsonHenry2615d ago

I would give this game a 7 at most.

Trophywhore2615d ago

Yeah I dont get why people hyped this one up. It looks good, but the gameplay is all over the place. Thats what happenes when you try to spin too many plates I guess.

maxmill2615d ago

The only issues with this game are the really bad rendering issues and not expanding on what they couldve done to the story

id give an 8.5 and hopefully they will release worthwhile DLC

EditorAtGNG2614d ago

I just finished Rage and I caught myself staring at the monitor and unbelieving when the credits rolled out... worst, closure, EVER.

Man I know ID aren't really bought on storytelling but this is really just embarrassing. It was suppose to be a build up of some sort for a grand finale but let me tell ya, there was absolutely nothing of the sorts.

The two things that felt unique in contrast to the overall blandness and borrowed elements from other (better) games were the gunplay and the weapons (the trademarks of any ID game) - everything else felt flat and just uninspiring.

The AI was a bit dodgy (the melee mutants and bandits were pretty brutal, jumping around and shit) though it was a huge leap from Quake 4.

Overall, the theme, the vehicles (the combat / racing aspects) the pacing, the abysmal texture pop-ups (yeah, played it on a PC), the barely present "customization" and the lack of anything that resembled a coherent story just ruined Rage in my eyes. I played the game expecting to be amazed either by the promises of a marvelous engine and a seamless bland of a shooter / rpg / racer but, in term, I got a bland and uninspired above average shooting experience that adds absolutely nothing new to the FPS formula and feels as luckluster as ever...

TheDivine2614d ago

Man this game is getting blasted by people. Yea the textures take a sec to load on ps3 and yes i would prefer an epic ending but its still one of the best games of the year. Its basically a fps but you can drive to the levels and pimp out everything (cars, guns, bullets, bulid turrets and robots). It starts slow and seems like it will be a really bland game but its really diverse, not like i thought it would be. Once you start building awesome equipment and guns it gets so fun and addictive. The gunplay is among the best ive seen the way enemies move and use tactics and the way npc's move and talk to you is so lifelike. I can get lost in this game and theres always something different to do. My only real gripe as of now is i wish it had even more content, i dont want to finish it!

It seems like people wouldve either preferred ID to make rage as a straight up fps with levels like halo or killzone or they wouldve wanted a full on rpg like falout. The story complaint is kind of legit but i found tons of backstory talking to npc's and doing jobs, everything about the authority and the world. I do wish they fleshed it out alot more but its interesting and deep enough.

Rampaged Death2614d ago

8 is right for this game. The gameplay and graphics are great but the story is mediocre.

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