Rocksteady confirms no demo for Batman: Arkham City

XMNR: Were you hoping to give the semi-open world of Batman: Arkham City a spin with a demo before deciding if you will buy the game for the PS3, Xbox 360 or PC? That won't happen as Rocksteady confirmed on Wednesday that there is not going to be a demo for the game pre or post-release.

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Rampaged Death2560d ago

The game is a week away. I don't think anyone cares about a demo now.

Ducky2560d ago

... err, what does release date have to do with a demo?

Michael-Jackson2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I don't need it (the demo) but the people who said they are going to wait for the GOTY edition (because of the amount of DLC milking this game has) probably does.

Quagmire2559d ago

I know I do. I know the game will be amazing, I mean it can be worse than Arkham Asylum, that would be impossible, that game was great and they look to have improved upon heaps.

But the amount of villain spoilers, dlcs and pre-order bonuses have me annoyed. Also but the time the GOTY edit comes out, hopefully I wouldve forgotten many of the announced Villans, that way I will actually be suprised, as was intended, to see the 20+ villains.

Bigpappy2560d ago

I can wait on this Demo. I have plenty other games to keep me contented until they get around to the demo. I am not that confident that these guys will not make a bad game. A demo will greatly increase sales, if it is a great demo.

princejb1342560d ago

is ok rocksteady we don't need a demo, we all know this game is going to be awesome

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Quagmire2559d ago

Isnt that a Pokemon move?

RXL2559d ago

when ever i say it..(and i say it often) in my head i hear the professor's voice from Futurama

WooHooAlex2560d ago

Arkham Asylum needed a demo to prove the doubters that a good Batman game could be done. With AC, everyone already knows its going to be great.

MariaHelFutura2560d ago

I don't know about everybody. A demo wouldve been nice for the general public/casual gamer.

KwietStorm2560d ago

Oh well you just lost a sale.


kma2k2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Im serisouly pissed right now at this game. IGN just anounced that there is a freakin DLC that comes with the game that cuts out parts of single player campgain if you dont buy it. Aparently if you dont have the code you cant play as catwoman & parts of the story take place with you playing as catwoman, so aparently if you dont buy there stupid code you are just getting screwed. This whole thing is bs! First rage pulls this crap now batman.

Getowned2560d ago

just buy it new,then you will have no worrys.

Catwoman <3

Pro_TactX2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

The Catwoman content is included in every new copy of the game. If you want to play that content, which is a small part of the campaign, then buy the game new to support the developers, or buy the code. If that content is not worth the price point, then you as a consumer have every right not to buy it.

If you buy the game used then Rocksteady gets $0.

If you don't buy the game because you don't agree with the practice then Rocksteady gets $0.

So you see, they really have no incentive to listen to people who complain about content that is not included with used copies.

kma2k2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

My problem is the principle. If games get away with this crap it will only go further & further. Serisouly think about it the argument from developers has been they need money for there servers since they dont get any money but multiplayer adds work to there servers, i say thats bs but whatever, there is absolutely whatsoever NO excuse to do this other than as a money grab.

If this kind of thing keeps up they will start charging you side quests, $2.00 per or better yet whats to stop them from charging multiplayer $0.10 per reload since you know everytime you do something it puts stress on there servers. Its all BS way to get more money. They are testing the gameing market to see what they get away with before people start fighting back!

Jeff2572560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )


So I guess you think they should just give us games for free then? I mean how dare they spend the last few years of their lives developing this game and expect even one cent off of the gamers who will play it. Your so right it is a complete money grab for them to want to see some money for their work. /s

Seriously I get so tired of seeing people like you complain about companies who are really rewarding players for buying the game new. And that is all the Catwoman missions are. It is a reward to those who buy the game new. Yes it will cost money if you buy it used or if you would rather rent a game instead of buying it. But Game studios don't get any profit from rentals or used game sales. And for them to continue making games they have to make money. But of course you don't like for them to make any money.

Oh and just to add they aren't charging 60 for the game and then 10 more for the content. You get the content when you buy the game. You only get charged more if you buy used. I doubt studios would ever start charging for more when buy new except with DLC and that is a complete option whether someone buys or not. If they did start charing for content eventhough I bought new then I would quit gaming alltogether and I know I wouldn't be alone.

kma2k2560d ago


Have you ever heard of the overton window effect?

Its the pricinpal of the matter. Im talking about gaming as awhole the simple idea of pushing people as far as you can to see there reaction. Think about it 2 years ago the simple idea of paying for an online pass was ludacris, now its almost excepted, in 2 years whos to say gaming wont be pushing you to pay extra money to finish the campaing or like the reference i was saying charging you to freakin reload your gun in multiplayer. They are pushing & pushing to find out what is the tipping point & for the most part the gaming comunity just dosent seem to care!

Im much more pissed for tommorow than today about this is my real point.

LtSkittles2560d ago

The Catwoman code is for side missions that aren't in the campaign, you still get to play as her in the campaign which is like 10% of the main story.

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