Battlefield 3 Invades The Avatar Marketplace

ObnoxoiousGamer: Battlefield Invades the Avatar Marketplace about two weeks before release.

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Criminal2562d ago

Dinosaur!!! More hints. ;)

Dart892562d ago

Man i really hope so that would be an epic thing to have in BF3>:).

radiantmind132562d ago

Aargh! My love for all things battlefield is in conflict with my total disdain towards avatar marketplace.

sovietsoldier2562d ago

why is there never any Russian avatar stuff?

malol2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

i tend to like the Russian outfits in BF games
they seem more bad ass

like the engineer in BFBC2
bad ass look
bad ass voice acting

same with the Russian sniper in that same game

in BF3 so far i like the Russian support the most of them all

i mean he carries a great gun (RPK which i love to use in this game)
and he looks bad ass and ready to kick some ass

and they have the voice actors of the US engineer and midic form BFBC2

which makes me sad that they didn't bring back the Russian ones
at least the engineer and the sniper :(

Hufandpuf2562d ago

I'm getting the tee and the assault class.

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