Phoenix Wright & Nova revealed at New York Comic Con

Capcom released the pictures and videos of the latest characters to be added to the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom roster; Phoenix Wright and Nova. People have been waiting to take a glance at Phoenix Wright since he was leaked months ago. Well the wait is finally over.

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Dlacy13g2566d ago

One of the days I need to make it out to a comicon. Seriously seems like a fun show and some good reveals always come out of them.

Hicken2566d ago

Phoenix is so ridiculous. Almost makes me wanna play. Gotta figure out how he'd fit into my playing style...

Tanir2566d ago

phoenix wright looks retarded, def not into his playstyle or attacks, or even him as a character, No Ken or Megaman but we get such a dumb character -_-. and yes i know ken is just ryu, but the newer ken is more of a kicker and there isnt any kicking characters in this game

J86blum2566d ago

Mega Man, Ken, even Guile or Charlie would of been nice. also cyclops, and Iceman just tweek his blocking and add some specials.

mamotte2566d ago

Franciska Von Karma makes more sense as a fighter character. Seriously.

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