Final Fantasy XIII-2 New Adventures Trailer

Dive into a new quest through time and space to find Lightning and undo the end of the world. This Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer reveals more gameplay and more action-packed battles.

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Keith Olbermann2655d ago

Well...combat looks amazing and it looks like there may be towns so thats a plus. Still same old terrible drama...guys who have to go to a salon and get their nails did before a battle..girls that sound like squeak toys...Characters who take themselves so seriously and are supposed to be fighters who look like they jumped off the set of ICarly. Lame. I will rent this from Gamefly because im sure there will be some fun to be had but…man…getting so old….

iamtehpwn2655d ago

No need to be so harsh.
I'm glad that they added a lot of variety into the gameplay. Everyone kept complaining about the linearity, but variety was a much bigger problem in FFXIII than linearity.

Linearity isn't bad, and it could be done good like Final Fantasy X. The problem is, XIII was all hallway-cutscene-bossfight repeat. There was never any minigame, or side quest or even a boss fight where you just didn't spam magic and buff/debuffs to win.

Even if the game was nonlinear, it'd just be a bigger field with more monsters. Thankfully, XIII-2 appears to have variety.

Traison2655d ago

I really do not understand why people cannot just play the games without applying these stereotypes to the characters, sure the design is a certain style, that doesn't mean you have to instantly knock it off.

I really don't know how else you expect the Final Fantasy series to change without having really over the top stories, to say that XIII-2 looks "same old terrible" really just boggles me, the story seems as over the top and exciting as any Final Fantasy (sure some were a bit hit and miss, but non to be "same old terrible".)

I am pretty sure if you were to have never had the SNES Final Fantasies released as they were during that era, they would all have the exact same character styles that you quote as being "guys who have to go to a salon and get their nails did before a battle..girls that sound like squeak toys...Characters who take themselves so seriously and are supposed to be fighters who look like they jumped off the set of ICarly." I don't know if you noticed but almost all the games are like that with the exception being given to only one or two characters per game.

This is not just directed at you, but people have to stop judging games based on what they see and base them on what the developers want you to see. Close your mind to any preconceptions you had to the whole Final Fantasy universe and just look at it with a fresh slate and open mind.

popup2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

For every year that goes by in your life, there is less chance of seeing something truly new.

The biggest critics often have the greatest experience and the least tolerance.

When I was a child, I could not understand why adults did not still play with toys.

Keith Olbermann2655d ago for thought popup...I like your style.
FF used to be my favorite and I really hate the way SE has been flushing the franchise down the toilet. I just want them to progress...come up with new ideas and lead again.

Phantom-Tommy2655d ago

I don't know why they didn't just expand on the FF12 formula, I really thought they were on to something great with that game.

xgatz2655d ago

Didn't watch the second half of the trailer. Unbearable But the first half of the trailer made the game look really fun.

Kurisu2655d ago

I really want to see what he and Dajh look like!

BigDollarZoe9542655d ago

cant wait looking good Square Enix this game is looking to be something great

Spenok2655d ago

I agree. The trailer was very impressive and i for one cant wait for it. It should be another one to remember.

Kurisu2655d ago

I agree that the trailer was very good! I enjoyed XIII and 2 looks so much better, apart from Noel. However I wouldnt say that XIII was "one to remember".

tiffac0082655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I think a lot of SE hate will cloud a lot of people's judgement regarding this game.

Its not like the hate is not justified and all *coughfirewadacough* but players, especially longtime fans of the series should not be dissuaded by SE's previous mistakes (to put it lightly)

I think FFXIII-2 deserves some positive attention. Let Type-0 and FFXIII Versus be another subject for another story.

Spenok2654d ago

@ Tiffac

man I couldn't agree with you more. Well said.

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