The 25 Greatest Handheld Games of All Time

There's no question that a huge part of our gaming lives centered on gaming on the go with actual hand-held systems.

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Venox20082657d ago

Starfox 3D! yeah! :)
Silent hill: origins
Elite beat agents
GTA: chinatown wars

I can add:

Metroid fusion (GBA)
Metroid zero mission (GBA)
Rhythm heaven (DS)
Mario & luigi RPG: bowser's inside story
zelda: ocarina of time 3D

cpayne932657d ago

Seems wierd that they included Star Fox but not Ocarina, they're both remakes, but Ocarina was a better game. Also... NO PEACE WALKER??? That was one of the best games I have ever played period.

Slugg3r2657d ago

Second best MGS for me, only losing to MGS3. Haters gonna hate, but MGS3 was my first MGS and because of that I've always liked Big Boss better

eagle212657d ago

Ocarina 3D, Mario Kart DS, Tetris, Super Mario Land, Links Awakening, NSMB, Yoshi's Island (GBA) to name a few of mine. :)

SovereignSnaKe2657d ago

Hmm i never even knew about Origins i may have to give that a try, But yes Peace Walker needs to be on this list, I also very much enjoyed Portable Ops and even played it after Peace Walker!!

plmkoh2657d ago

I think the retrospective should've been titled: "25 great handheld games" rather than "25 greatest handheld games of all time".

schlanz2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Agreed, really no offense but this is a terrible, terrible list. I have been an AVID handheld gamer since the Gameboy OG.

I find it hilarious that the DS and 3DS have the exact same number of games in the list despite the DS having about 100x as many good games.

Also almost half of the list is gameboy and game gear. Far too much nostalgia for my taste.

ssb31732656d ago

I still cant believe peace walker is not on there

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