Game budgets are out of control - and it's killing what gamers want: innovation

Industry Insight: "Games are expensive because publishers make them expensive," argues Halo Anniversary head

Game budgets are out of control, reckons Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch, who argues that triple-A titles are expensive "because publishers make them expensive".

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DA_SHREDDER2614d ago

I honestly think the main thing thats hurting this gen is devs either trying to do too much with limited hardware specs, or are just trying to make a quick buck. Either way the consumer loses.

bwazy2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Look at MW3... Now Look at Gears 3 and Uncharted 3... Now look at MW3 again.


sashimi2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Casual are only a passing interest to them. They also only play what their friends are playing and they only buy like 1 or 2 games a year and that'll usually be call of duty and something else...Developers see this and think oh lets make more fps games or tack on MP since CoD is so successful.

Surprise surprise they actually don't sell as well and its only CoD that does CoD sales.

beast242tru2612d ago

stfu man. im verry happy with what devs are doing now some devs are mehhh but then others are like wrking real hard and making things happen

Rainstorm812612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Its the same thing that hurts the Movie industry, instead of taking a chance and doing something new and innovative....The business heads rather do what "they think" will guarantee sales.

9 times out of 10 it doesnt work, thats why we see many companies attempting to replicate the success of other successful games, and usually fail at doing so.

and because of the budget they want the sure thing.. im just hoping next gen ends up more like the ps2 xbox, GC generation where many devs werent afraid to innovate

RXL2612d ago

nobody to blame but your little brother

ShaunCameron2612d ago

AWWW! The downside of the XBox 360 and the PlayStation 3 being in the marketplace.

Rainstorm812612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

yea cause pc and wii games are soooooo innovative /S

I think innovation is at the same slow pace on all platforms on majority of big budget titles

ShaunCameron2612d ago

But the PC and the Wii has yet to bankrupt a developer/publisher. Can't say the same about the HD clones.

nycredude2612d ago


If it wasn't for consoles most of these developers would be making peanuts on pc games sales. Most games sell better on consoles.

Number_132612d ago

what about this?
Thats 3 pc studios shut down.

Somebody2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )


You're using that? That's Sony! SONY, a console publisher shutting it's PC studios during the early years of the Next Gen War. They burnt those studios during a time it needed enough resources to fight off the X Box 360. The same goes for Microsoft and several PC studios under it. It's even sadder. Sony dropped those studios due to sales. Microsoft dropped it's PC studios almost for no reason at all. Do you know what those PC games studios did to Sony (it's in that article you've shown)? They make MMOs that provide Sony with a steady flow of income every month for years before the PS3. They are NOT bankrupting Sony at all. You could say those PC MMOs actually fund part of the PS3 development cost. Where do you think Sony have the billions to make it?

Now Sony is crawling back to the PC with Planetside 2. After they shut down the original studio and title several years ago due to dwindling subscribers, thanks to WoW. Microsoft is crawling back with Age of Empire Online, after it dissolve the original developer right after they finished Halo Wars for the X Box 360.

Hmm. You could say both publishers killed off their PC studios early so that now they can make their own MMOs for their own benefit since they hold the titles. No need to share those money with some lowly PC dev.

@article :
Look at Red Faction Armageddon for all platforms. It didn't sell well. The whole franchise officially died. I don't think poor PC sales is solely to blame for this one.

Now look at the Witcher series for the PC. They didn't do well in the first month but the developer persevered. They waited. They even have the nerve to patch up the first game and make it better. Still it didn't sell in the millions but it's enough for the developer to make brand new game from scratch to make a sequel. They are making a game engine with what ever money they got with no fuss about sales returns. Crytek on the hand bitch around when Crysis didn't reach 1 million and then went console. Of course the game have passed that mark since then but no one seem to care. The Witcher 2 didn't break the 1 million sales point until several months later but it was expected and CD Projekt were patient enough. Not really sure about the budget but not bad for a PC exclusive.

That's the danger of having too much budget and expecting quick returns.

Rainstorm812612d ago


"Where do you think Sony have the billions to make it?"

Seriously? you think any MMO made Sony Billions? Sony is also in Movies Music and other various technologies including gaming, PCs/laptops , TVs and much more.....Thats where the money comes from

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