Batman: Arkham City – One Hour of Leaked Footage

Well that didn't take very long..

As was reported earlier by DSOGaming, Batman: Arkham City was leaked onto the interwebz a week early before it's release & now, somebody on YouTube has taken the liberty of uploading some footage of the game in action.

Watch the vids below, there are 4 of 'em.

*** SPOILERS ***

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Ummm...I can wait, thank you very much. Monday night at Midnight I will experience it for myself.

aCasualGamer2564d ago

Guys don't spoil this game!

Have fun and enjoy it for yourselves when it comes out instead!

hotskys2564d ago

as much as I want to watch this. I never watch single player footage. Arghhh! why must you tease me!

MasterD9192563d ago

You will not spoil my fun!

xX TriiCKy Xx2563d ago

Its already blocked anyway