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Quagmire2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

oh ffs...

Online Passes for SP games? Really? Now not only will every MP game have Online passes, but now SP games also.

egidem2658d ago

I've said this before - this online implementation is getting OUT OF CONTROL.

This is ridiculous! Next thing you know we'll have single player sections cut out for us just because you bought a used game...oh wait, Rage is already doing that!

NukaCola2658d ago

Could be worse like DRM with Online Pass. I do agree this is now getting out of hand. It's not about making extra money as much as it is about the hackers out there stealing this game.

Online Pass
Unlocking 5kb downloads
Single Player Auto Saving

Started this gen, ruining gaming becuase it's being done wrong and taken out of control

Eamon2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

This is absolutely disgusting.

People call piracy theft but this is blatant theft in my opinion.

You supply the game on the disc. A customer pays for the disc. Then you withhold some of the data then tell the customer you have to pay extra for a part of the disc's content because he/she bought it all second hand.

And also what about the people who do not connect their consoles online? Does the pass work offline? I doubt it. So people who don't connect online will be not be able to play a part of the game for absolutely no justifiable reason.

Anyone who agrees with this is retarded period and a sheep.

KaBaW2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Just wondering, lol, but how does 'Single Player Auto Saving' ruin gaming?
Are you referring to the likes of 'casualizing' games, making them 'easier?'

If that's what you mean, than sure. But it sure comes in handy elsewhere.
I can't stand playing a game, for hours, with no auto save.. and, then bam!
Power Outage. Now, you've just lost hours of gaming. Hours and hours lost.
And, that has nothing to do with making it easier for gamers who suck...

Kurt Russell2658d ago

It takes the piss. They make out the second hand market is all bad, but any other consumable I buy can be sold on as I see fit... why different for games?

If they feel they are losing out on money, maybe they shouldn't have over saturated the market with poor half arsed titles that put people off of spending their hard earned monies...

Show a bit of class and quality and you'll get my pennies... Constantly rip me off and try and squeeze my wallet dry and I'll become stubborn and give you fuck all.

jaymart2658d ago

Lol, that made me laugh. It's sad but true. Things are getting out of hand.

Eamon2658d ago

Hmm just read the IGN review.

It seems that the Catwoman review isn't included on the disc but is available to download from launch.

While not on the disc itself, it's the same concept. Catwoman missions could have been included on the disc but wasn't so that Warner Bros could get some more cash.

Greed is what destroys industries.

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TruVision2658d ago

LMFAO.. Batman Arkham City has ONLINE PASS?? This is one good joke..

-EvoAnubis-2658d ago

This article is a duplicate of something I submitted 12 hours ago.

Quagmire2658d ago

Its only a duplicate if its fully approved.

-EvoAnubis-2658d ago

Might want to bone up on the rules of this site.

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This should have been an alt source.

TruVision2658d ago

Unlocks Catwoman.. woopty doo!

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