Final Fantasy XIV 1.19 Patch Shows Bright Future for PS3 Release

PSLS writes: "You might remember around a year ago when the latest entry in the award-winning Final Fantasy series came out and wasn’t exactly a hit. As a matter of fact, Final Fantasy XIV is presently the lowest rated Final Fantasy game of all-time, and by quite a margin. However, Square Enix has seen it through, and after making major adjustments to the development team and implementing a year of patches, the game is beginning to show a side that many people never thought it had."

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Crystallis2659d ago

Same here , I really cant wait for this game.

BigWoopMagazine2658d ago

By the time it comes, I may have lost all interest... :(

Myst2659d ago

So...any news? :< though if it is 2012 I'll probably have a good enough PC before then anyway :/

Kamikaze1352659d ago

Definitely 2012. 1.20 comes out this year, but the next big patch will be 1.21, which introduces the job system.

Myst2659d ago

Ah okay thank you. Guess I may as well finally cancel that pre-order and buy the collector's on PS3. Saw GS still had some left.

TopDudeMan2659d ago

I really want this to be good on the PS3 because I've never played an MMO before and think this would be a good gateway in.

MrWonderful2659d ago

Damn I will be preparing for next gen consoles by then.

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The story is too old to be commented.