Is the DLC model getting out of hand?

CVG - At the start of the generation, the idea of DLC was a fantastic one. The ability to extend our favourite games with new levels, weapons and playable characters couldn't have been any more intriguing. Of course, brand new map packs were nothing PC gamers hadn't seen before, but for the console market downloadable content was an exciting new prospect.

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Yi-Long2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

... but I expect it will bite greedy developers/publishers in the ass in the end.

I mean, who is going to be crazy enough to pick up the next Capcom fighter at full-price, when you know that within 12 months there will be a 'super' edition for half the price including all the DLC and more...!?

Street Fighter vs Tekken!? I'll wait, thank you.

There have been so many games this generation I GLADLY would have bought at the day of release for full-price, if they wouldn't have been so greedy and announced they'll be DLC-miking those games.

Now, I just wait. I wait for a 'complete' version to be released and until it hits the bargain bin. IF I'm still interested in the game by then.

DLC has made me spend LESS on gaming. Not more. AC2 GOTY? 12 bucks. Fallout 3 GOTY? 20 bucks. Forza 3 Ultimate Edition? 10 bucks. All new and sealed. And all games that I would have paid 50-60 bucks for on launch-day if only they had announced that the DLC would be 'free'.

Yi-Long2565d ago

... Catwoman is ONLY playable if you unlock her by redeeming that code that's coming with new versions. The online pass.

This means that any brothers and/or sisters you might have which share your console, are shit out of luck. They won't be playing as Catwoman in Arkham City UNLESS they cough up some extra dough for Rocksteady to roll around in.

How nice...(!)

Absolutely sickening, and this will hopefully come back to haunt them, be it in people opting to download the game instead, or be it in people feeling screwed over this time and remembering this when their next game comes out.