Talking to Women about Videogames: I'm not a real gamer?

Destructoid - It looks like from here on out, Sony-published PS3 games will require players to enter a single-use code in order to play online. People who buy their games used will likely have to purchase a code separately to get online. Some say it's bad news but fair play, as Sony is only asking for players to directly contribute to paying for their servers if they plan on using them. Others are against this idea on principal, while still others are just mad that they may have to pay to play used PS3 games online at all. It will be interesting to see how this situation affects Uncharted 3's sales, if at all

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xYLeinen2564d ago

Some say they might not have enough testosterone >_>

crxss2562d ago

pretty funny video, i approve.

dalibor2563d ago

I buy my games all new practically now that I'm older and have a job. Now with this method whenever I get a used game I won't feel as bad about not supporting the developer/publisher. This is one way to have a used market for games still exist, games you can only download online (it's sort of headed this way in a sense) would kill the used market which in my opinion is not a good thing, what about the young gamers out there who someday will get a job and support the gaming industry? I happen to be one of those gamers who when I was younger couldn't buy brand new games all the time if any. I will keep supporting gaming as much as I can b/c I will always be a gamer at heart. It's something I enjoy and hope it never ceases to exist as long as great, fun, memorable games keep coming out.

Blaine2563d ago

I never buy used games. Supporting devs is great, but I don't do it for the principle. I just don't like the thought of buying a game someone else's had his way with before me! I love to buy games on sale though, and when they get price drops. Buying games for 20$ just feels great!

CommonSense2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

If i'm on the fence about a game, i'll rent it first from redbox or w/e. if that game is primarily MP, i won't get that opportunity with this new requirment. and being a somewhat-smart consumer, i usually won't take the risk without a test run.

i can't blame a company for doin this if they are trying to maximize profits, but they should probably realize that they are going to lose sales on the lesser known franchises. uncharted probably won't take much of a hit since most people that plan on playing it a lot will be early adopters. people that get it later (maybe used) probably are only interested in the SP and won't be affected.

bigrob9042563d ago

" is that the god damn mario brothers theme song you're playing right now."

he took the words right out of my mouth.

gaden_malak2563d ago

"Some say it's bad news but fair play, as Sony is only asking for players to directly contribute to paying for their servers if they plan on using them."

That actually makes a bit of sense and I am less inclined to be against it. Though I buy all games new so it doesn't affect me.

palaeomerus2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Okay, so I pay for access to Sony's "server" by buying the game new, and then I SELL the game to a guy named Ray and Ray plays online and I don't play online anymore because I no longer have the game and....uh...that raises Sony's cost for maintaining a "server" slot...HOW exactly ? How does transfering the game to someone else cost Sony more to keep it online?

MintBerryCrunch2563d ago

well Ray wouldnt be playing online in the 1st place since he got it used from you

online passes will allow sony to gague just how many people actually bought the game used compared to new if they do decide to have online with the game

Hicken2563d ago

You missed the point.

If the pass is some sort of "proof" that the server is being paid for, that's already been done through the copy of the game palaeomerus bought.

Sony isn't charging palaeomerus directly for the "servers," but rather building that into the cost of the game. A copy that's been bought already- and, by the way, Sony's already been paid by retailers for each copy on shelves, so this is really a moot point- has already contributed its revenue to the upkeep of the servers.

They wouldn't charge palaeomerus under any other circumstances, such as if he went a few months and then decided to play the game again. If he gave his system and games to his sister, she wouldn't have to pay again to play online. So why is it that when ownership is changed outside the confines and controls of what publishers want, it's suddenly a necessity to make more money?

If I buy a new Cadillac with a year of roadside assistance, then decide to sell it to you after 3 months because I'd rather have a Pinto... or something... GM could not deny you use of OnStar. You still have another nine months of their roadside assistance program to use.

This would be different if, some time down the line, Sony or whoever was going to charge you another fee to maintain the servers, but that simply is not the case.

Run_bare2563d ago

I will buy Uncharted new.

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