Seven things we want in Red Dead Redemption 2

OXM UK: "Cowboys, horses, and guns don't count."

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malol2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

first of all it wont be called Red Dead Redemption 2
it'll be called read deed "something else in here"

the first game in the series was called red dead revolver

and red dead Redemption is the second

anyway in the next red dead i want more red Harlow
really loved him and his story from the first red dead game

AAWELLS092655d ago

I just want it to happen which im sure it will most likely by time next-gen systems come around and def make it available for PC as well.

fuzion17c2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

A Red Dead sequel can't continue chronologically since the series is Western-based and the Wild West pretty much ended around the time when Redemption ended. A new location wouldn't work too since Westerns were mainly based at the American/Mexican border area. A Wild West setting in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. wouldn't work since they didn't exist. Also, I wouldn't want to see or hear Jack again. A new protagonist could work.

I'd like to see:

-A prequel of a younger Landon Ricketts(feat. a cameo of Marston as a kid idolizing him in some form)
-A prequel of a younger Marston w/ his old posse and the story that led up to Redemption.
-American/Native American battles/wars w/ Bows & Arrows
-Dismembered Body Parts during shootouts/battles

Pretty much, IMO, R* could only work backwards w/ prequels when it comes to Red Dead, unless they introduce a new protagonist set during the same time as Redemption. The location could be different, but it has to be set somewhere in Mid-Western America or maybe in the Cali area during the Gold Rush. Hmmm...

MintBerryCrunch2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )


then you would need a new character, Marston thought they were the dumb and not as reliable as horses

i personally would like a prequel as that would let us do more of the bad things like bank robberies, train heists since he was a part of Dutch's gang and it would show how the gang broke a part and how Marston was alienated or outcast from the gang.

Farsendor12655d ago

why disagree with the guys that say pc? pc is a really good platform to game on just like ps3 360 and wii

caboose322655d ago

They just don't like to share.

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The story is too old to be commented.