VGChartz: European / Others Charts for Week Ending 18th November 2007

DS 281,487 18,766,139
Wii 133,332 4,154,453
PS2 87,466 44,638,891
PS3 79,923 2,158,263
360 64,747 4,296,245
PSP 64,325 9,605,594
GBA 7,221 21,315,267

Total 718,501

Please note: If you consider VGChartz 'inaccurate', its deviation of accuracy will be similar for all consoles.

Detailed sales breakdown by region after jump.

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gamesblow4902d ago

So, Sony has taken back Europe from Xbox 360 and Japan from Nintendo all within 2 weeks... America, you're next. Go Sony!

shmee4902d ago

X360 is non existent in GERMANY and VG has x360 above ps3 in GERMANY??????????????????????? ??????????????

seriously ps3 beats x360 by atleast 50k units in EU per week.

I cant understand how come the VG figures gets posted when they deflated x360's OCTOBER sales by 180 000 units

leon764902d ago

As a said once: Europe, Japan and next the US!!!! The revolution is starting...

PS3Freak4902d ago

As much as i would like to see the 360 lose out in america to the ps3 its not going to happen. Not for at least a year, but hey im just being realistic(ps3 correct me if im wrong).

mikeslemonade4902d ago (Edited 4902d ago )

360 bridged the gap from PS3's lead by 1,000 units from last week in Europe. 360 gained a little with the release of Mass Effect. Not sure if ME was launched worldwide but if it was then the rise was due to ME.

Gordii4902d ago

You know what really has me surprized is the PS2 still selling mad units wow. Shocking that its still going strong.

salgoods4902d ago

and i wonder which system they will own next ;)

lawman11084902d ago

If Sony was smart they would kill the PS2 so people would devote to PS3

salgoods4902d ago

they xbox is cheap and its games are even cheaper

titntin4902d ago

Early days - but sales for PS3 are pretty robust and likely to reamin so in Europe.

I'll be more interested in seeing the figures for Novemeber, when the machines are selling for christamas and the all the price fluctations and spikes have settled. I'll also be more interested in NPD numbers as VGChartz are ok for spotting trends but have proven pretty inaccurate when looking at specific figures.

The DS and WII gravy train keeps rolling on for nintendo...

dale14902d ago

wi numbers are high considering theres been no consoles in the uk for over a week and ps3 numbers are lower as amazon has not been able to offer any on there eu sites except the 40 gb in the uk the 60 gb is like rocking horse sh*t in the uk at the moment it seems to be going like the wi pre order no doubt your find one but its getting harder

gerth6664902d ago

Hahaha, rocking horse sh*t. Thats classic.

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The story is too old to be commented.