Gears of War 3 Review :: GPT

Gears of War returns to the Xbox 360 and GPT's Quentin reviews Gears of War 3 to let gamers know if the last game in the trilogy is worth playing.

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gillri2563d ago

wow with all these amazing reviews how has it only got a 91 metsacore?

VG_Releaser2563d ago

My guess is a few "blogs" giving it poor scores to get hits. I only have a few 360 games, but I admit Gears is always solid.

iamnsuperman2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Or the reviewer didn't like the game as much as others. If you ignore the scores and read the reviews it would give you a clearer picture

OT: good review

Kurt Russell2563d ago

It's my favourite game this generation for sure, but I wouldn't say 91 meta is low ;)

Convas2563d ago

Or or, NONE of these blogs are officially recognized as honest-to-goodness Press Organizations and thus are kept off of the Metacritic listing.

2563d ago
Number_132563d ago

Quality. You can say a whole lot of things but in the end, this is a quality AAA title and it shows darn it.