WGTC: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Hands On Preview [Sony Holiday 2011]

A detailed and informative hands on preview for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. We spent some time with the game at Sony's Holiday 2011 Event in Toronto this week, and felt the need to tell you why this game is worth checking out.

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TheHip142565d ago

Really interesting tech, to say the least.

HarryMasonHerpderp2565d ago

So is the picture of the purple dragon spyro?
cause he looks like he`s been hit with a shovel
thats not what the original spyro looks like =s

lizard812882564d ago

The game doesn't look bad, it just has an expensive gimmick, that i doubt people will buy into. Maybe a few sales from the little kids, but I doubt their parents are going to buy all of the characters.

Relientk772564d ago

Looking at this makes me very upset

Quagmire2564d ago

Year of the Dragon is my favourite game of all time.

This is mutiliation of my childhood hero. I weep.

Relientk772564d ago

I LOVE all 3 Spyro games on PlayStation. I have beaten all of them over 5 times each.

My fav of them is Ripto's Rage, I love the boss battles, and especially the levels. The levels are my fav part of the game. There are so many great levels in that game.

My 2nd fav is probably Year of the Dragon, a totally fantastic game. Great levels, bosses, very close to Riptos Rage.

The first game was my favorite in terms of what Spyro had to do, he had to find all the crystalized dragons, I LOVED THAT. That was better than the orbs in Spyro Riptos Rage, and better than the dragon eggs in Year of the Dragon, in my opinion.

I got the PlayStation for my birthday as a kid, and several games with it. Spyro the Dragon being the best of the bunch.

Spyro the Dragon games = alot of memories for me, a HUGE part of my childhood.

I actually just beat all 3 spyro games this past summer again :)

I <3 u Insomnaic Games