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vishant1012659d ago

"For all next generation consoles"


Pandamobile2659d ago

For some reason publishers still like to refer to current gen consoles as "next gen".

x8002659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

hype! i like her voice!

BakedGoods2659d ago


morganfell2658d ago

That is my disappointment. We have Deus Ex already. This game is taking an even more frontal assault approach. Instead of being something actually cool - Mission Impossible set in the future, it is just a shooter. Deus Ex was okay but why not rely instead on tension and daring it becomes superior firepower?

These devs also do not ask themselves, "In the real future would this likely happen? What would really go down in this situation?"

Then, where necessary, they would make concessions to gameplay and fun. Instead they create weapons and mechanics then try to build a story and situations around it. You come away from moments that pull you out of the game rather than suspending you. Because even though they are interesting in the back of your mind is the realization they are a bit ridiculous.

This is why I made the comments I did yesterday in response the the dev that said the 360 and PS3 were holding back creativity.

DeadlyFire2657d ago

Well its future esk Sci-Fi shooter so it fits the genre, but just because I wear a black shirt and you wear a black shirt doesn't mean we are wearing the same shirt.

Brownghost2657d ago

Yes but the main character is an augmented agent who works with a company with 3rd person gameplay with the ability to customize yourself later while being in a future similar to deus ex

Pandamobile2659d ago

Looks like EA's answer to Deus Ex. Me gusta.

Hufandpuf2659d ago

Day 1. That Skrillex song is just icing on the cake.

acemonkey2659d ago

never played either Deus or the old sydnicates....but this new one sounds and almost looks the same so...but

Farsendor12659d ago

should try deus ex hr its a very solid game. and this game here is day 1 purchase

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