Review | Gears of War 3 [Default Prime]

Default Prime reviewer Lucas Stephens romps through part 3 of the famed Gears of War trilogy only to find that he has happened upon the absolute best of the series, and a deserving conclusion.

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Number_132563d ago

I'm really getting tired of saying this. . .wait, no I'm not, Quality.

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JimboG2563d ago

Been a fan of both since the beginning. Mad world trailer still gets to me this day. Gears has better online and Uncharted has the better single player. There aren't many cons to either of them and both are amazing games.

buckley2563d ago


The only other two games on our site to earn a 5/5 this year were Portal 2 and The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

One multiplatform and one PS3-exclusive. We sure are a total Xbox fansite.

gillri2563d ago

hey where's my comment gone?

buckley2563d ago

Unfortunately, looks to be buried under a troll