Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review ( "Ace Combat: Assault Horizon manages to be both straight-faced and somewhat dippy at the same time, and this deliberate personality clash actually works extremely well. Ditching the gentle, sci-fi tinged world that has always typified Ace Combat games, Assault Horizon instead takes place in a surprisingly vivid approximation of the real world...."

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Alcohog2565d ago

This sounds sweet. Anyone know if there is a demo?

CynicalVision2565d ago

I played the demo for the PS3 version, there's probably a demo for the 360 version too.

Kurt Russell2565d ago

Did you find it any good? Last game of this ilk I played was HAWX and that was great fun.

ddurand12565d ago

the demo is worth trying.

agentace2565d ago

Make sure you change the controls to original or the plane wont handle right.(since when can a jet fighter not roll/flip lol)

teedogg802565d ago

Yeah it's a demo for it on 360 also. I liked it so much I may just go out and pick the game up later.

Alcohog2565d ago

Yeah I have PS3...will check it out! Looks like classic fun.

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ZILLA2565d ago

its a fresh and new type of loving it,gettin tired of the FPS games so this change of gameplay is welcome!10/10!!

shaun mcwayne2565d ago

i will pick this up later when ive finished batman ac and bf3, by then this will be bargain bin prices.

Cosmit2564d ago

Bought it on release day. And I'm LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!

Was really wanting a good Jet game after I was disappointed by HAWX 2. Loved the first one though.