5 Reasons Why Video Game Piracy Can Be Justified

People tend to be quick to white-knight the gaming industry whenever the topic of piracy comes up. While we may wish Hollywoodland to go up in a fire of Jewish smoke without much thought, let alone care about movie piracy, video game piracy is a hot button topic among the throes of both the industry and community.

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PidgeottosCrew2660d ago

Those oil companies are so greedy. We should go steal all their oil. Makes sense.

DHI2660d ago

Looks like someone didn't read all the way through.

Mr_Lu_Kim2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

1. COD being the same crap each year with a full game price tag.

2. RAGE sucking balls, no graphics settings after all that Carmack BS hype and still being $90 AUSTRALIAN.

3. EA, Atcivision, Bethseda etc. price gouging games down under. Our dollar is equal to the US yet we are charged 30-40 bucks more for a digital download game WTF!!!???

4. DUES EX sales team flooding MetaCritic with false copy paste 10/10 reviews to bring its score up to promote sales.

5. Paying to unlock content you already own on disk by scabby companies that call the on disk content "expansion packs".

I could keep going for days but those are my current top 5 reasons I pirate. I only support goods devs these days and they are few and far between.

Bimkoblerutso2659d ago

If you don't agree with a developers sales tactics or the quality of their product, then you DON'T BUY their product. You are not somehow entitled to someone else's work simply because you are displeased with them.

It's cliche, but you are literally no better than they are. It's like trying to cure a burn with fire.

PixL2659d ago

"DUES EX sales team flooding MetaCritic with false copy paste 10/10 reviews to bring its score up to promote sales."

This is sad as this game is worth every penny I invested in it. One of the best this year.

LastDance2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

5 reasons why holding up a bank can be justified.

"The ultimate excuse for [robbery] is quite possibly the most ironic, at least to a passive observer. [Robbery] is justified by people being too greedy. When you think about it, the logic seems pretty persuasive"

The dumbest article written by a monkey i've ever read.

SilentNegotiator2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


Pirating only shows a demand that isn't paying into the game. Then stockholders are appeased with more "security measures"/DRM.

Pirating a game from publishers or developers that do something wrong or uncouth is NOT the solution.

kneon2659d ago

I read it all the way through and they went 0 for 5. There is just no justification for piracy. If you don't like some policy or business practice of the developer you are free to ignore the game.

DHI2659d ago


"The ultimate excuse for [robbery] is quite possibly the most ironic, at least to a passive observer. [Robbery] is justified by people being too greedy. When you think about it, the logic seems pretty persuasive"

So, cherry pick the opening paragraph and omit the following block of text that explains the reasoning for it?

LastDance2659d ago

Well I could have gone for a sensible comment explaining how dumb and sad it is for someone to disrespect their intelligence by justifying stealing, but i thought it was so obvious and such a waste of time I wouldnt bother.

DHI2659d ago


The only obvious thing here is that you haven't read the article. You do understand the concept of a headline, don't you?

frostypants2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I'm sick of the whole topic.

There is no valid justification for stealing software, ever. Just lame excuses. Period.

Next topic.

LastDance2658d ago

The concept of a headline is to be representitive of the article?...Is this article not about lame excuses?

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dangert122660d ago

I pirate games If there Is no demo and If I like them I buy before I asap which Is always well before I've got too far Into the pirated game...I do think all games should come with demo's this should even stop the release of naf games full stop and stop us consumers wasting money

bumnut2659d ago

I do the same thing but usually get lots of disagrees for making a comment like yours!

No demo makes me think devs have something to hide.

dangert122659d ago

I more or less agree with you except the fact sony used to release demo's well after launch for there exclusives and i find there games good but yeah since and at the same time these demo's can act like a marketing tool but they don't use them right

Septic2660d ago

You gotta love how Kotick's face accompanies this article lol!

That there is a reason in itself.

MariaHelFutura2659d ago

I could justify pissing in someones face.... Atleast their not cold anymore.

ATi_Elite2659d ago

Actually some people make very good money doing exactly what you said!

Eamon2659d ago

Rofl, this one made me laugh hard.

ATi_Elite2659d ago

Sure you DON"T have to pay for DLC......but if you wanna keep playing the MP part i suggest you get your credit card out!

Bought the game used......Online Pass....dam should of just bought it brand new!

Christopher2659d ago

1. If a company includes extra features you don't want, don't buy it. Doesn't mean you should steal their content.

2. DLC is an additive to the game in the first place. If you don't want it, don't get it. Doesn't mean you should pirate the whole game just because they offer DLC.

3. Microtransactions require a networked backbone for handling these. Even if you pirate the game, you won't be able to make any transactions. Why not play the game normally without doing any transactions. This makes less sense than #2.

4. DRM was implemented to prevent piracy. So, you pirate more games, worse DRM is utilized and more widely. This is still not a good enough reason to steal someone's content.

5. This is the dumbest one. You believe you deserve to have access to content for free because someone makes more money than you? Do you also go out and steal cars that others can afford?

Honestly, ridiculous article, likely written just for hits. Congrats to those who approved this crap.

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Pikajew2660d ago

If I pirate a game it is to try it and I will delete it before I beat it so that makes me buy it. And some people pirate because they can't afford to buy the game because they are to expensive and they want to play it because it looks like a lot of fun

XxBarretxX2659d ago

If you cant afford a game you want you don't have the right to steal it. If you can't afford it you can't get it, look for better ways to spend your money or more manageable options of entertainment. Easy as that.

ShaunCameron2659d ago

Exactly. It's either what you just said or simply learn how to do without. Besides, video games are a LUXURY.

Saladfax2659d ago

Can't afford it is a lame excuse. If you can drop a heavy amount of money on the device required to play the games, it stands to reason that you can buy a game every now and then.

But it really falls through when you consider enough high quality, free games exist to fill an individual's free time.

And if you can't afford it? Tough bananas. Get a job (or a better one), or find some way to squeeze it into the budget. Piracy is never justified.

Newsman2660d ago

justify it to the judge when you go to jail.

Mr_Lu_Kim2660d ago


only in marica, F yeah...

JaredH2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

But piracy is not stealing so how can you go to jail?

Shackdaddy8362659d ago

How is it not stealing? Unless you already own the copy, then you are taking a product without paying for it. That's called stealing...

Eamon2659d ago

By American law and most written law of European countries and probably other countries too:

Piracy is Copyright infringement.

Magnus2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

You rip the game which you bought transfer the game to another disc and selling said copied disc to a potential buyer can land you in jail plus your violating copyright. And the said sold copy which you sold the money is not going back to say Capcom or Eidos.

ronin4life2659d ago

Copyright infringement is IP theft. When you commit copyright infringement, you are stealing someone's ideas.
Furthermore, piracy creates artificial wealth for the pirate, meaning you contribute less to society than what you take, which is why theft is illegal in the first place.

JaredH2659d ago

That's hilarious how many replies I got. I was be sarcastic which you can't tell from what I wrote but what I put is so stupid I thought people would get it.

Eamon2659d ago

ronon4life: IP theft is to profit out of a copyrighted idea. The average torrent downloader isn't really doing that.

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Dart892659d ago

Gonna pirate mw2.5 and and sell it to some xbox kids to help me for my gaming need>:).

3GenGames2659d ago

DLC being on disk and still needed a purchase is my main gripe, that's just unexcused 100% business bullsh!t.