FIFA 12: EA “looks at it as an RPG”

It appears that it RPGs aren’t just the future for shooters as Cliffy B once said – EA Sports’s Andrew Wilson admits that they look at FIFA 12 “internally” as an RPG, and believes there’s a lot more crossover today between the different genres of games – and the people who play them.

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LightofDarkness2561d ago

Yeah, OK EA. You're not going to get the nerds to start playing football games if they've no interest in the sport just because you call it an RPG.

Grip2561d ago

so nerds don't watch sport???? that's new to me.. i know they don't play Sport but watching a sport is something else

LightofDarkness2561d ago

" if they've no interest in the sport"

Reading comprehension is vital.

Ezio20482561d ago

RPG??? about Halo a PUZZLE?

PidgeottosCrew2561d ago

It's a basic RPG, but it works. Gran Turismo 5 still holds the title of strangest hybrid with its 'Racing/RPG' combo.

rohsik2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

i don't know if u guys above me have even played fifa or not.
but there is this lovely mode in fifa 12, something call ''virtual pro' 'and where of course, u create ur player, teaming up with AI or other players, you start leveling up ur player's stamina, strenght and speed by playing matches and it's even got traits!! doesn't that sound like RPG??

now tell me Ezio2048, how's halo a puzzle??

pctrollv42561d ago

its a soccer rpg when u start using your virtual pro yes. Leveling up, getting new traits, improving skills, getting new gear, fact, id go as far as to say its more of an rpg than mass effect 2 is. I said it. Fifa ftw

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