The fans will decide whether Forza 4 is the king of sims not reviewers

Lans from Tecstories: Gran turismo 5 and Forza 4 have two completely different styles of developing games, gran turismo 5 is more old school and forza 4 is new school, is it really professional for reviewers to proclaim one game better than another when both games are doing very different things, its like claiming modern art is better than classic art and that is just simply not the case

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Darth Stewie2562d ago

If fans decide than GT will win because it has a bigger fan base but I am sure the Forza fanbase is made up of former GT fans plus more. Anyway who cares they are both great series 1 exclusive to the PS3 the other 360. Dual owners get the best of both world. The only loser is Nintendo who has no good racing sim.

LOGICWINS2562d ago

Interesting article. When it turns out that Forza 4 is outscoring GT5 review wise, suddenly reviews don't matter. Typical.

Iroquois_Pliskin2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

well, I never played Forza so i cant judge. However, i prefer GT5 for the physics and the realistic graphics. Dont know why GT5 ¨let down¨the critics. And by the way, one flaw that i noticed about Forza 4 is that you cant mess around with the weather. I challenge anyone to drive the main nurburing course at 22:00 pm and heavy rain

StanLee2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Since 2005 when Forza debut, iterations of the game has out scored every Gran Turismo game released since that time. Forza out scoring Gran Turismo isn't new. Forza Motorsport out scored Gran Turismo 4 in 2005. Forza just sold 1 million units while Gran Turismo sold 11. But fans are deciding. While Forza's base has grown consistently, Gran Turismo's has declined sharply. A lot of that may have to do with the PS3s install base not being as large as the PS2s but that also has to do with the XBox 360s success this gen. And to be honest, Gran Turismo 4 sold more than 4 million units less than Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. Gran Turismo 5 sits at 6.5 million worldwide, a far cry from Gran Turismo 4's near 11 million in sales. Forza has grown from 1 to 3.5 to 5 million globally with Forza 3. I wont be surprised if Forza 4 matches Gran Turismo 5's 6.5 million in sales. The community is growing.

LOGICWINS2562d ago

@Iroquios_Pliskin- Quick question. If you've never played Forza, how do you prefer GT5? To say that you "prefer" something means that you've tried them both out and then ultimately decided on which one you like better.

Silly gameAr2562d ago

It's funny that you see it that way Logic, but typical. People want Forza to be the new standard, and for that to happen, they have to bash the hell out of GT and act like Forza is the greatest thing to happen to racing.

It's so obvious, but I guess you can't see that.

LOGICWINS2562d ago

Of course I see it that way, I use logic. This is typical for me. People want GT5 to be the "king of racers", and for that to happen, they have to bash the hell out of Forza 4 on N4G review articles and act like GT5 is the greatest thing to happen to racing.

It's so obvious, but I guess you can't see that.

Silly gameAr2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Funny. What I see is people trashing the hell out of GT5 and pronouncing Forza as the new racing king.

Guess you don't have to have eyes to use "logic" (ha), or maybe you just see what you want to.

nix2562d ago

does Forza 4 support 24hr race?

just wondering... if it does.. it would be funny right? with 24 hour daylight?

by the way, driving in rain is TOTALLY different from driving on a shiny day. it's like night and day. q;

SoapShoes2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

@StanLee... Your claims of Forza growing are correct but if you look at PD's official numbers( ) you'll see that GT games have not declined and in fact have remained very consistent(barring spin off games like GT concept and both Prologue versions).

GT1 sold 10.8
GT2 sold 9.3
GT3 sold 14.8
GT4 sold 11.1
GT5 sold 6.3 in 12 days...

GT5 actually sold much quicker than the other GT games and that 6.3 mil is nearly a year old figure. The other GT games had YEARS to sell that much and years to sell that much at a discounted price. Sorry but your claims are baseless.

Lord_Stark2562d ago

@ Estranged . . . .

. . . . it's funny how you didn't bother to address the issue of quality. So which is it that really matters, sales or review scores? I wish fanboys would decide so we can better easily settle these little silly arguments. :D

SoapShoes2562d ago

@Lord Stark - Piss off, I'm tired of trolls like you here. His whole post was about how much each has sold so naturally my response to his misinformed fanboy post is going to be directed to what he is talking about. Let me guess, you're a duplicate account of Stan Lee? How entertaining... -_-

I'd point out the quality in GT5 to you but it would go right over your head. I like Forza but not as much as GT5 and I have both consoles. So again, piss off.

blackbeld2562d ago

GT5 is still the best racing game.

Forza 4 is once again a nice try. But hey 360 owners buy Forza of course. What else?

Pssssst... Burnout is still better then any Forza to date.

teething2562d ago

If you look at metacritic, Forza 4 beats GT5 in both average reviewer score, and user/customer rating. So the people have spoken and Forza 4 wins according to the writer of this GT5 defending article (masked as a balanced view).

Back to reality, both games are great games, and as a lover of cars, I think each should have a place in our hearts. Neither is perfect and both have ups and downs, but both are good games.

I prefer Forza 4, but that is my preference because I prefer the greater variety of cars and car makes, and I like the customization. I expect others to make their own opinions however.

tehnoob32561d ago

yes this time review dont matter because people want the best sim. Gt5 gives us just that. Forza may be the better game (UI, customization, online play, 500 vs 200 high quality cars), but Gt5 is a better driving game.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2562d ago ShowReplies(1)
Number_132562d ago

I guess the fans will decide which TPS is the best and not the fans. Gears of War ftw!!

whitezagetsu712562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

what is with you and gears 3
I know gears 3 is awesome but what does that have to do with forza 4 every article I read about a Ps3 game theres always a comment about gears 3 from you I hope U3 doesn't flop cause you sir might have a heart attack from all the hardcore fanboy comments your going to be typing

shikamaroooo2562d ago

What you wrote did not make any sense at all

Number_132562d ago

I challenge you to show me ONE article about a ps3 game where I mentioned Gears 3. ONE only. I'll wait.

StraightPath2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Here is the overall review average

Forza 4 :- 92% metacritic
GT5 :- 84% metacritic

That is a massive gap and the last installments from gran turismo francise is below 90% mark even towards 70 and 80, where as Forza since the first game has constantly been hitting 90% + sitting the benchmark for simulators to follow.

GT6 will learn alot from Forza and try reclaim its past glory. But Forza seems to keep on giving the ultimate driving experience.

Shift 2 VS GT5

is more of a closer comparison in regrads to ratings and reviews due to scoring nearly the same metacritic.

As for now I dont think there is nothing that touches the standards set my Forza right now I am afraid.

Bring on GT6 PD and prove that GT can stand upto Forza.

SoapShoes2562d ago

GT5 is a better game. If you go by Metacritic or critics in general, you'd be fooled into believing that Grand Theft Auto 4 is the second best game ever made. -_-

2562d ago
Hicken2562d ago

So you're going to ignore his comparison to GTAIV?

Tell me, how many critics of GT5 who were pointing out the lack of physical damage and giving low scores are now Playing Forza 4 and pointing out the lack of day/night racing or variable weather?

How many of them are passing Forza's shortcomings off as unimportant?

2562d ago
tehnoob32561d ago

GT5 is a better driving simulator.

Hicken2561d ago

Reviews giving Forza perfect scores, along with some telling info from each review: "Brilliant though Forza 4 is, Gran Turismo 5 just feels a little more convincing at the limit, if only by a few degrees." "The new vehicle physics, although maybe not necessarily obvious to uninitiated car fanatics, bring actual realistic car handling closer than any simulation has ever done before." Note: not a single negative. "Forza 4 is without a doubt the best racing game ever made." No negatives. "Not every car in the game has an Autovista version. Quite the contrary; only about five per cent do." No negatives. "petrolheads with a soft spot for racing simulators will no have no doubt enjoyed Gran Turismo 5 and the excellent F1 series, all the while waiting for the current king of the racers to return." Negative: Kinect is a hassle. Hard to pull a quote; negatives: no weather, races too easy in career, no penalty in races "the series definitely deserves to be called the 'Best scoring racing series ever.'" Negative: no Porsche.

There are at least ten more reviews that give perfect scores. Including what I've already posted, four sites mention the lack of weather (one spins it off as being unimportant by bringing up morning/evening conditions).


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tickticktick2562d ago

Forza 4 is just a better game

2562d ago
zero_gamer2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

A major problem with this article is that it factors in fans as a basis on which is a better game. On Metacritic the Forza 4 user score is 8.4 against GT5's 7.5.

The gamers have decided Forza 4 is the better game. This article is also poorly written and has "I'm sad and upset" all over it.

SoapShoes2562d ago

Metacritic users are like 1% of the fanbase of both games and usually a bunch of fanboys giving games 1s or 10s. You serious?!

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Pikajew2562d ago

Finally devs who don care about review scores. IMO review scores usually suck, if it is an over hyped game it gets a 10/10 and they say this is the best game ever. If it is a hyped game it gets an 8/10 and if it is hyped and has a few flaws that they notice it will get a 6/10

Daz2562d ago

Well who would expext for you to say any different lol.

zero_gamer2562d ago

How? Review scores? User scores? Then you're wrong.

tehnoob32561d ago

Not review scores or user scores, but by being the better driving simulator.

2562d ago
PidgeottosCrew2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Does this one have 1000 cars?

death2smoochie2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Does this one have cars imported from a last generation console?
See what I did there?
Good grief. What kind of comment was that?

This one is easy.
Especially for THIS SITE.

There are more PS3 owners on this site than another system so already based on that you know what game will "win"

@THC CELL is prime example of this.

Redempteur2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

"Does this one have cars imported from a last generation console? "

Of course forza can't ..forza is "new" can't do vintage when you're still young.

by releasing games so quickly without any real changes , the " freshness " of forza is going away...

A-Glorious-Dawn2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

So disregard all the facts, state that everyone who owns a ps3 is a fanboy, blame the site because forza must be the better game no matter what.


Edit. Crew only got 2 agrees and 8 disagrees. Surly he would have got more agrees according to you. and you got more agrees so surely ps3 fanboys do not dominate this site, that's a fallicy I'm tired of hearing, fact is I see a lot of objective people looking at facts and giving their opinion. Then getting labelled as fanboys because their opinion means your game is not the best and you take that as a personal attack... Some people need to act their apparent age and realise what they are doing...

gamingdroid2562d ago

***by releasing games so quickly without any real changes , the " freshness " of forza is going away...***

Yet, the freshness keeps going:

Metacritic scores:
Forza 92%
Forza 2 90%
Forza 3 92%
Forza 4 91%

Here is just a sample of the competitor:

GT 96%
GT3: A-Spec 95%
GT4 89%
GT5 Prologue 80%
GT5 84%

It's easy to see who has stayed fresh and relevant, and who hasn't....

Redempteur2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

"It's easy to see who has stayed fresh and relevant, and who hasn't.."

Indeed it is ...between one game that stay up to date with content (98% of the updates free with new challenges ) and the other that'd rather sell you another game .

i'll take the updated experience from Polyphony.
Fans will speak with their money.. And the automobile industry will speak with their partnerships .. Guess who is leading the charge on these both fronts ?

SoapShoes2562d ago

@gamingdroid - That's just proof that reviews are useless. GT3 A Spec was the worst GT game ever and it got the highest ratings! I mean they brought it to PS2 and lost everything that GT2 had but tried to make up for it with pretty graphics. At least GT4 corrected their mistakes and actually had a decent amount of cars.

PidgeottosCrew2562d ago

What can I say? I enjoy variety.

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Fishy Fingers2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

My 2 cents...

GT: Better all out die-hard sim
Forza: More fun, better "game".

Play the one you prefer, shut up about the other. Done.

aviator1892562d ago

I'll agree with you on that comparison. You hit it right on the nail.