Ubisoft: Rocksmith Facebook Post An Error, ‘Does Not Have A Release Date For Europe’

Dealspwn: 'Well this is interesting. With many sites reporting yesterday that Rocksmith was bound for Europe in 2012, we thought we'd see if Ubisoft's official party line had changed. It turns out that it hasn't, with the publisher telling us today that there's no release date, and shooting down rumours of a European release in general.'

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Bathyj2615d ago

Man, this sucks. I really hanging for this "game"

If I go and buy it from the US, I wont be able to get any DLC for it.

And then once I do, whats the bet Ubisoft releases it in Europe 2 weeks later?

Cmon Ubi, get your act together.

earbus2615d ago

I really want to see if you can use open tunning for slide ,and drop tunes for sonic filth more keen for open jam and effects dont want to learn anyone elses songs.

jaseo2615d ago

I'm in Australia. I hope it gets released in Europe soon, or else there will be no chance it will get released here anytime soon...