Microsoft saves your Bing voice searches

You probably already know that the new update brings with it a new Kinect-centric user interface – along with other useful doodads like Cloud saving, gaming beacons for easy multi-player action and a host of new TV-on-demand features. You might even know that it comes with Bing-powered voice commands for searching through media and general console commands. What you might not know is that Microsoft saves all of your voice search queries. For ever.

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Ognipode2614d ago

Will this help us catch all of the evil dictators that use Bing voice search to plan evil deeds? XBOX! Bing... world domination...

Muuuuha......muuuuuuuuha..... muuuuhhahahaahahaha

Godmars2902613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Of course this is going to be for sales data and profiling. So they can tailor ads to you.

Godmars2902613d ago

Nothing wrong choosing to use much less actually liking Bing.

But it is mildly disquieting the way MS will likely use its forced application to the 360 user base to bolster Bing's numbers against Google, and are now claiming rights to any information you give it.

Bigpappy2613d ago

calm down godmars! It'd just a search engine

optimus2613d ago

i use bing from time to time to add microsoft points. yes they let you redeem searches for points...the fact that i have to open internet explorer to do it is the reason i don't use it all that for implementing it on the 360, i think it's a novel idea cause having through scroll through menu after menu looking for one specific thing tends to get tedious, especially if you have a lot of crap on your hardrive.