STN: Sesame Street Once Upon A Monster review

STN Writes:

Kids have an attention span and if things are keeping them entertained they will happily play for hours, however if something isn’t working, it’s boring, and if something is boring then these children have big imaginations which in this case will be spent elsewhere.

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EVILDEAD3602615d ago

Game informer had a different experience..8.5 FTW..

Salutes Double Fine for providing kids with an outlet like this.

All children are differen,t, but the game wisely is made for parents to play as well as;s all about the family interaction


FragMnTagM2615d ago

Got it for my kids and have not had any of the troubles the reviewer was saying in his article. The controls work just fine. A bit finnicky at times, but not enough to give the game a 2/5. It deserves at least 4/5 for the entertainment it brings my children.

wotta2615d ago

Could only base my thoughts on my experience, which was disappointing unfortunately. Like I say in my review, if it worked it'd be a great game.

FragMnTagM2615d ago

That's fine and I respect your review, but for me I haven't had that much problem with it.

EVILDEAD3602615d ago

Thx frag good to hear from someone who actually has it. And what your saying is pretty much along the lines with the reviews from Metacritic..the early reviews were 8+ out of 10.