iD Software is working hard on bringing back console commands in RAGE PC

DSOGaming writes: "iD Software’s first patch for RAGE locked most of the console commands that a lot of PC gamers were using. As you’d expect, pretty much everyone complained to iD and it seems that a new patch will be rolled out that will actually bring back all of console commands to the PC version of RAGE."

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B00M2615d ago

Woo back from a 3 day ban!

Anyway, all I've heard about Rage on the PC is negative things. Have they patched the bugs yet? Wish there was a demo on steam.

john22615d ago

The PC version had mainly technical issues. From what I've heard, AMD has still some driver issues. Nvidia's cards run the game fine, though there isn't any SLI profile for it as of yet.

wallis2615d ago


Combat is awesome. Racing is awesome. Graphics can be awesome at times. Environments are awesome. Animations are awesome.


Graphics are pretty okay most of the time. When they peak they peak like crazy but for the bulk of the game you'll be sat there thinking "so when's this super duper texture tech meant to kick in?". Not to mention texture streaming, piss poor optimization, no real graphical options. The obsession with 60fps went too far and they've severely limited the games prowess on PC. Also the characters aren't well written, the story's pretty mundane, it's ending is embarassingly bad, and it missed a real opportunity to combine its strong art direction with pacing to create atmosphear. It dedicates a cutscene to the awesome that is a comet but rather than give you even five minutes to wander an empty and desolate world it immediately goes "AAAAARGH OOGA BOOGA BOO!" and devolves into a mad max style world.

I loved Rage but the reason I'm left with more negative feelings about it is because I'm just so overwhelmed by the sense of lost opportunity. What Rage does well, it does well, but with a little more thought before hand they could have really made a mind blowing experience. I guess the biggest symbol of what's wrong with Rage is the fact they named the Authority... "the authority", and they named the resistance... "the resistance".

How lazy woud an author look if he called his main character "Mr.Mane Guy"?

john22615d ago

Totally agree with you wallis

B00M2615d ago

Does sound disappointing. I think the graphics look very bad, the textures look terrible from what Ive seen so far. Only at distances they look good. I was expecting John Carmack to deliver a masterpiece, gameplay wise and technically. Technically it doesnt look special at all, too much hype.

pctrollv42615d ago

yes the new drivers and patch fixed pretty much everything...there are still some really minor issues, but its working great now.

jriquelme_paraguay2615d ago

what is wrong this gen?

7 years in Development and they still finishing the game?

the same happen with GT5, KZ3... compare the Disc game Vs. the Patched Versions of the games...

Patches on Day one?

DLC announced before release the game?


evrfighter2615d ago

Just think. It's gonna be worse next gen.