Toys for Bob on Skylanders Spyro's Adventure - GRTV interview

GRTV filmed an interview with Toys for Bob head Paul Reiche way back at Gamescom, and apart from what he says about the game it is also interesting to see the out takes kept in the interview where he says too much and the PR rep steps in. Since the interview was conducted the details have been made public, but it's an interesting insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

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aPerson2563d ago

Sparx is in the game. Interesting... So far the characters returning from previous games are:

- Sparx
- Moneybags
- The Balloonist
- Cynder

They should have revealed this to the public earlier. It might have changed people's perception that Spyro was added to the game just for the sake of it.

Quagmire2563d ago

Are you kidding me? This game is horrible. Spyro is not Spyro without Insomniac, or should I refer you to another character mishap ie: Ninja Theory's Dante redesign.