Shadowrun Online Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Remember that FPS game which featured cross-platform support and let PC gamers play against X360 players? Remember how it flopped? Well, here is hoping that its sequel won't be as average as its predecessor. Shadowrun Online is being developed by Cliffhanger Productions, makers of Jagged Alliance Online, and will be released exclusively to the PC as a browser-based game."

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Azurite2560d ago

Will keep my eyes on this one.

SpartanZero2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Shadowrun didn't flop it's a good game. I was hoping for a Shadowrun 2.

wwm0nkey2560d ago

Agreed I want another version of the FPS as well but sales wise it flopped.

I think this and the FPS version can co-exsist nicely.

Can not wait for this to come out though, I have been reading the Q&A and it sounds awesome

john22560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Sales wise, it did flop

wwm0nkey2560d ago

Oh by the way the 360 version still has a massive cult following, people are on at all times of the day, go pick up a copy for $5 and start playing again :)

EliteAssass1n2560d ago

if my xbox was still working, I'd still be playing this at least an hour or 2 per week.