Square Enix shows off photo-realistic next-generation engine and provides new details
At a press conference in Japan last weekend, Square Enix showed off tech demos of its next-generation Luminous Engine, which it first announced in August, and announced features of its Luminous Studio development framework.

Designed with native DirectX 11 support, the engine includes cloth and fluid simulation, realtime reflections and highly efficient tessellation techniques that lower the level of detail of 3D models with minimal memory usage cost.

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x8002614d ago

wow thats no game or is it? damn! cant tell.

Tachyon_Nova2614d ago

Pretty sure that is real. As if they would use that as a teaser for one thing.

princejb1342614d ago

looks awesome, my only concern is why make a engine for a console thats not out yet
we don't know the specs so we can't be sure if next gen the consoles can handle this type of graphics

SIX2614d ago

Damn! If they made a survival horror game with this engine I would be frightened to play it.

CrimsonEngage2614d ago

The real-time images have some AA issues.

LightofDarkness2614d ago

I've noticed the photos have a low resolution, and the textures show an even lower one. Perhaps the low-res photography was used to mask this.

Kain812614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Here is a Video

BTW, is it clever to show a corridor with that engine, after the mess Final Fantasy XIII was...

B00M2614d ago

Woah! I thought it was a comparison and they were going to show the same guy walking down a corridor but with their engine. That did look real, shame its only in 480p.

Kain812614d ago

here are new Techdemos for the Luminios Engine

VampiricDragon2614d ago

great now we can get more games that look exactly like each other

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The story is too old to be commented.