Rants, Racism and Online Gaming

Arcee tackles a tough subject that has been infecting the online gaming community since its inception - the racial rants and tirades of some over the net. As a recent victim of such an attack, he felt it important to get the word out there that this kind of behavior needs to stop.

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zeal0us2658d ago

Oh how I love being called a racial slur after killing someone. Usually mute work until they start barraging me with hate messages. The I just put ignore on them.

M-Easy2658d ago

This is why I play multiplayer on the PS3. In like 5 years I've been called slurs only a handfull of times. Only heard a few rants against Jews. I used to get that in 1 game session on Xbox live. PS3 has a more mature base. Plus I don't play COD so that keeps me away from most the riffraff.

Arcee2657d ago

Surprisingly, this happened on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the PS3. I know it is much more rarer to find those little pricks on the PS3 and games other than CoD, but it happened and I was quite shocked and appalled by it.