Three Ways EA and DICE Messed up the Battlefield 3 Beta

PSLS writes: "There has been a lot of debate lately on whether the Battlefield 3 beta is good or bad, and really on just what kind of purpose a beta should serve. We will save the talk on what a beta should be for another time, and focus mainly on Battlefield 3 and if in fact this is a “good” beta. I will say I am having fun with the beta but there are three key areas where I think EA and DICE completely screwed up with the beta release."

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JonnyBigBoss2565d ago

The beta started out VERY rough. However, I was really enjoying it during the last two days, namely because I was able to use vehicles.

Granted I was playing the PC beta.

Agent-862565d ago

The differences between Op Metro and Caspian Border were huge. I had issues at first, like many others, with major bugs on Op Metro: falling through the map, going prone and have out of control camera shake, etc. However, none of those problems were present in the Caspian Border map. Its a real shame that console players didn't get to experience it because it is the true BF3 experience.

Mr_Lu_Kim2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I just keep loling at the tards that hate on the BETA. I can't seem to play a game of Dead Island, RO2, or anything online without some tard bitching about the BETA.

Get over yourselves hating TARDS!

Run and cancel your pre-orders fools, we don't want you in our squads anyway.

disturbing_flame2565d ago

Actually DICE and EA didn't messed up with BF3 advertising (including the beta then).

Every media speaked a lot more about BF3 than they did about MW3.

When you just look at the top hottest game on N4G charts BF3 comes first with more than 185000°, last year at the same moment Black Ops was certainly in better position than MW3 this year with "only" 26000°.

Even when medias say bad things about BF3 actually they do promote the game, maybe in a negative way, but after all the name "BF3" is exposed, we speak about it, everybody's speaking about it.

BF3 won the hype war against MW3. Now being said it doesn't mean the game will be better than MW3. Just that all these articles helped a lot BF3, so the beta was clearly not a bad idea.

If you think twice to it it's pure Genius marketing.
Never a FPS did so well against Call of Duty in terms of lisibility and promotion.

Mr_Lu_Kim2565d ago

good point.

All attention is good attention.

marioPSUC2565d ago

I didnt have a problem with the beta, because it was in fact a BETA. And Naughty dog is very generous for givng multiple maps and modes to try out, not all betas do that cause they arent demos and they really arent trying to show everything.

And they even said that they've fixed the problems with the beta and then were looking into common complains people were having

decimalator2565d ago

This is why you don't promise a beta months in advance. Let the beta be a last-minute surprise for dedicated fans. Don't promise a beta as a business tactic. Call of Duty doesn't do betas? Well, then we have to do one! Oh wait, all we have is this months-old demo. Well do it anyways.

thedarkvault2564d ago

Except Battlefield franchise has a history of public betas. BF2, BF2142, BFBC1, BF:heroes, BFBC2, BF: play for free all had them. BF fans expect a beta and it's not just a marketing ploy, it's so they can release a stable and balanced game.

dbjj120882565d ago

Eh... I'm still buying. The beta was rough but I know Battlefield so I'm invested in the long haul.

Ser2564d ago

Can't wait to pick up my copy on day one.

It's called a beta for a reason, folks.

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