DICE: Battlefield 3 built for PC, 'crammed' onto console

It's taken some time for DICE to come up with a sequel of 2005's Battlefield 2 for publisher Electronic Arts. Apparently, there's a very good reason for that. At least, that's what Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach says.

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cyborg69712565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

No way really?

@Below The cod beta was worse. I mean it's been going on since 07. I don't think it'll ever go gold.

HUFANDPUF fail vg really.

TurismoGTR2565d ago

Battlefield 3 "BETA" was a big dissapointment.

Agent-862565d ago

Did you play on PC? Metro is the smallest map on BF3 and not a good representation of what true BF is (that was more of BC style map). Caspian border, on the other hand, was a fantastic map! If you were on console and didn't get the chance to play it, then you didn't really get to experience BF3.

Have faith in DICE. BFBC2 was actually quite good across all platforms and I believe BF3 will be as well. Don't base your decision on flawed beta rollout (I admit that there were huge bugs and the Metro map wasn't the best choice of a showcase). Believe me, there were none of those problems on the Caspian Border map and it was a great experience. Just wait for the reviews....they're going to be very good!

TheSoundDefense2565d ago

A friend of mine told me BF3 was a lot more squad-focused, which sounds pretty awesome to me.

rezzah2565d ago

Yea, it is similar to MAG based on the team play. Rushing won't get you very far.

Hufandpuf2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Its sad really. The pre-order charts state that Xbox 360 has the leading number of pre-orders at 900,000+. While PC has just over 124,000+. I guess people don't need to play it on PC to have a great experience. I doubt all 124,000+ PC players can max out the game anyway.

Pandamobile2565d ago

What the hell pre-order chart are you looking at?

Hufandpuf2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

LOL, right here:

but their estimates can't be too far off i guess. And with so many people canceling their pre orders after the beta, it might be a little more accurate (maybe).

Pandamobile2565d ago

Lmao VGChartz is notoriously unreliable.

Agent-862565d ago

Panda, his "charts" don't include digital preorders which is a good chunk of the PC preorders. I know I did. Amazon just put a great deal for digital download of LE edition of BF3 at $42.

SactoGamer2565d ago

I know I can't max out the PC version, but I think I'd prefer to playit on PC to have the WASD/mouse controls.

Agent-862565d ago

I wouldn't believe that for a minute. So many of the PC preorders are for the digital version and will not register with these "chart keepers".

GiggMan2565d ago

Wow I guess people still pre-order... I haven't done that in a while.

Agent-862565d ago

This one is worth it since you get the Back to Karkand expansion for free. It will be $15 when it comes out a month after BF3's release. The maps look great and it'll fun to relive some of BF2's best maps.

leogets2565d ago

pre order ftw mate. get some good deals in supermarkets. im in uk. game shops sell for £39.99 i got my limited edition pre ordered at tesco supermarket for £28.91. bargain ;)

caboose322565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Oh man, I guess you're one of those people that don't realize that vgchartz doesn't include most digital sales, if any.

And if you knew anything then you would know digital is most sales for a PC game.

And just because you cant "max" out the game doesnt mean it still won't look better then it's console counterpart.

terrordactyl2565d ago

That's only for America.....Xbox is nothing outside of the U.S. and U.K. Everywhere else (EU, Japan, Asia) the PS3 is dominant.

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dirthurts2565d ago

I couldn't imagine programming a game to run on 512mb ram...
Just browsing the internet I'm using over 1.5gb of ram on my computer....
And that's using good chrome.

Ducky2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

... but Chrome is notoriously bad when it comes to managing memmory with multiple tabs.

dirthurts2565d ago

Currently Chrome is using about 200mbs...
I guess that is pretty high. ha ha.

SJPFTW2565d ago

1.5 gigs? must be all the porn you're trying to download in the background

dirthurts2565d ago

Or I could be running a 64bit os.

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