HCF Retro Review: Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is a brilliant, beautiful RPG with hours and hours of gameplay, and while not quite as amazing as Final Fantasy VII, it is a magnificent, worthy sequel, that any RPG fan should love.

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BitbyDeath2564d ago

Triple Triad was such an awesome addition.

Wintersun6162564d ago

Agreed. I loved how transforming the cards allowed you to get Lionheart on the first disc and get powerful magics for your junctions early on.

gaffyh2564d ago

What?? Are you serious, I never knew that and I've played FF8 tons of times. Damn, gonna have to find out how and play it again now.


The soundtrack throughout the game was amazingly beautiful. Nobuo Uematsu is a GOD.

FlashXIII2563d ago

How can anyone disagree with this? Uematsu is a musical genius and FF8 reflects this as good as any of his work.


I don't care for disagrees. At least my bubbles don't go down for them. :P

negroguy2564d ago

This is my favorite FF out of them all. I really enjoyed the story and characters. Also there was nothing better than tapping the hell out of square button for a boost in the GF power. Also this had the best GF which was Quezacotl.

FlashXIII2563d ago

Quezacotl is nothing next to Knights of the Round materia.. that's the most epic summon of all time for me.

kennyboy2564d ago

yeah it was good my squad was always squall, rinoa, and irvine my guys were already always overpowered by the end of the first disk because of darkside and junctioning powerful magics on my attack and hp loved the game though

WitWolfy2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I remember playing this game alone at night as a teenager thinking that time.. GRAPHICS CANT GET BETTER THAN THIS! Thats how great this game was for its time back in 2000

Bloodshedder2562d ago

I hear you WitWolfy, I was the same, remember that when i saw the FMV(cinemas) or CGI how ever you call them, and thought "ingame graphics will some day look like those CGI" and look at these times... ps3 pc 360... Love my games!

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The story is too old to be commented.