The 9 Most Expensive Cars in Forza Motorsport 4

Wondering what to spend your hard-earned credits on in Forza 4? Here’s a list of nine of the most expensive cars in the game that are sure to burn a hole through your virtual wallet in no time.

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NukaCola2563d ago

All of them on Disc 2 cause that means I have to buy a bigger HDD to play

No I only kid, I got room, still on the old Pro.

'64 Ferrari looks sexy

The Meerkat2562d ago

The 1957 Ferrari 150 Testa Rossa looks like it could cause panties to drop at 100 yards.

StanLee2562d ago

I worked hard to earn and purchase my 250 GTO in Forza 3, eventually having to sell my Cobra Daytona Coupe, which I some how lucked in and got for half of it's in game credits on the auction house, to get it. I don't like that you can purchase in game content with Microsoft points. You should be made to earn your in game rewards.

STICKzophrenic2562d ago

I like the 1967 Shelby Cobra more than the 1965 version.