10 Crossovers Which Would Revolutionise the Games Industry

Ever wonder what would happen if some of the biggest game franchises got together and - as the result of a drunken one night stand - had babies? What sort of game would Call of Duty and Minecraft combine to create? What about if an Angry Bird were to get jiggy with Sonic the Hedgehog? The possibilities are endless. And weird.

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NukaCola2659d ago

List is kind of corny.

5. Mario Kart / Burnout
-You must of missed Blur

And as always, we all want a Sony Smash Bros game. They could so easily do it.

smashcrashbash2659d ago

Uncharted X Tomb Raider
Heavy Rain X Sims
Drake and Lara going on an adventure together looking for treasure (Elena won't like that)

Sims with the same gritty, realistic nature of Heavy Rain. Just imagine actually being able to commit adultery or have real sex scenes or actually have to deal with realistic emotions or life decisions from characters all wrapped up in Heavy Rain's atmosphere and realistic looking people

Quagmire2659d ago

I want to see a DragonBall Z game which merges Fighting and RPG. Has that ever been done before?