Battlefield 3 New DLC Strategy May Be Similar With CoD: Black Ops

Here's an analysis comparing Call of Duty: Black Ops strategy for its DLC with Battlefield 3's upcoming map packs. Is money the new name of the game?

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Hufandpuf2564d ago

They both have way different strategies.
COD: Map Packs
BF: Expansions (Even all of the DLC maps were free)

narutogameking2564d ago

What do you mean expansions? So new weapons as well?
In COD you can choose whatever weapons you want for any map.
In BF its specific weapons for each side which is kinda stupid.

Anyway you can bet the BF3 DLC will be $10-$15 just like MW3.

Hufandpuf2564d ago

No, it's era specific. Bfbc2 vietnam took place in the 60s so bringing new and old guns cross expansion would be completely redundant. Also, with the back to karkand expansion, the bf2 era was a couple of years before bf3. And yes bf3 DLC will cost $10-$15 but they won't cosist of just 4 maps. They usually have new vehicles, character models, guns, and maps. Also an expansion for BF2 let you become spec ops operatives with zip lines and crossbows.

Quality DLC way better than what COD can push out.

Shackdaddy8362563d ago

It will be $10-15 (maybe more), but if you've ever played BF2, you will know that the expansions they do are very special.

Take the spec ops expansion that Hufandpuf mentioned. They added a completely different class system which included zip-lines to maneuver from roof to roof, tear gas, climbing ropes that you can throw, and much more including new weapons, factions, maps, and vehicles.

The European map pack for BF2 was also pretty special which included new maps(which were pretty damn big), new factions, new guns, and new vehicles which were all related to weapons and vehicles the militaries in Europe used.

lykaice2563d ago

That's the good thing about BF DLCs before -- they were free. Hopefully, that will be the case for this year.

Dart892564d ago

I want expansions like Vietnam.

Especially a dino horde mode then BF3 will be complete.

cyborg69712564d ago

t-rex hunting sounds great. That would be boss. Yeah I said boss.

ZombieAssassin2564d ago

I just have to ask, where is all this dino horde mode talk coming from? You're like the 8th person I've seen say it, did one of the DICE devs joke about it?

fabiani2563d ago

fk yea wat happened to dinosaurs

DirtyLary2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Keep that zombie horde kiddie sht out of our BF games.

zeal0us2564d ago

Similar, please god don't have overprice DLC.

Avernus2563d ago

Similar? No way. Vietnam was brilliant, and for $15! for $15 on BO you got 4(?) crappy maps that didn't make the cut for the game's release. So instead of wasting them, they make people pay for them.

I'm not bashing, as I reached 15th prestige, I played the crap out of that game...but I didn't buy a single map pack.

BF3, you can't come quick enough.

fabiani2563d ago

killing t rex n rapters intead of zombies in a quality game would be amazing

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