Blockbuster Batman Arkham City Pre-Order Deal

Blockbuster is getting serious about game pre-orders. Similar to their recent Gears of War 3 deal, if you head over to your local Blockbuster and pre-order Batman Arkham City, you will get a free month of Blockbuster movie and video game rentals. Keep in mind this month starts once you pick up (and pay for) your new game.

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christheredhead2564d ago

blockbuster pre order is great for same day or same week releases that are back to back. you could essentially pick up both games you wanted for the price of one.

mugoldeneagle032564d ago

Every blockbuster within a 25 mile radius of me went out of business over a year ago...

archemides5182564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

this is NOTHING compared to kmart's deal, which is a THIRTY dollar credit towards any gaming purchase PLUS a $10 dollar game credit towards lord of the rings war in the north. most killer deal from kmart yet.

red2tango2564d ago

blockbuster shut down completely all around my area. netflix is too blame for that lol

2564d ago