XCOM: Rise And Fall? (Hooked Gamers)

The X-COM franchise has earned its place in some of the biggest video game polls ever, often placing in the top ten in categories such as ‘Top 25 PC games of all time’ by IGN and ‘Best Video Games since ‘92’ by Pelit. Critically acclaimed UFO: Enemy Unknown (later released as X-COM: UFO Defence and X-com: Enemy Unknown), developed by Mythos Games in 1994, was the first of the X-COM series and it soon gathered a cult following.

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Tuxedo_Mask2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

While it saddens me to see another classic game turn into yet another FPS I never really heard of X-COM until the remake was announced. It sounded like one of their original plans to make the gameplay similar to Valkyria Chronicles would have made everyone happy, but they decided to scrap that and go with an altered approach.

The new gameplay sounds more like BIA:Hell's Highway, but maybe the new XCOM will actually turn out to be okay, that is if it ever gets released.