Microsoft misjudges demand for new Zunes

The Redmond company has apparently overestimated the demand for some of its players, leaving high stocks of one model on shelves while others are difficult -- if not impossible -- to find.

Microsoft launched both new flash-based players in 4 and 8GB versions, as well as an 80GB hard-drive based model. A quick check of retailers showed ample stocks of the smaller players, but the 80GB was out of stock.

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Silver3603984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

It is a sweet player. Now that the Zune interface and marketplace are improved
edit: It can be connected to a TV and you can stream from your computer to according to Paul Thurrott. Man I love the way it handles podcasts. And video look amazing for the small screen.

predator3984d ago

do u know when they will be released here in the uk mate? i like the ideas J Allard was going on about the connectivity between this and the 360

Meus Renaissance3984d ago

I want one. iPod sucks. Constantly have to recharge the damn thing.

PS3PCFTW3984d ago

that was also the problem with the zune1. i have one and it sux.

i now use the samsung ypp2.......its an amazing media device.

Skerj3984d ago

Dude that ypp2 looks so dope, I was trying to decide from the new Zune, the Ipod Touch, and that and I think I'm going Samsung.

PS3PCFTW3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

it comes with a screen protector, but i bought one from i bought one for my girls dsc-t200 and my samsung sch i760 i highly recommend these screen protectors.

has a lot of positive perks over whatever else is in the market right now.

Also try to find yourself a bluetooth stereo headset. YOULL LOVE IT , trust me.
make sure its the bt stereo and not a bt phone headset as those dont work.

+bubbles for u, future ypp2 owner

mesh13984d ago

NEWS FOR GAMING ?? is this article abotu gaming ?yawn u ps3 fanboys are sad

PS3PCFTW3984d ago

do you EVER have anything constructive or even semi intelligent to say?

Zhuk3984d ago

I got a Zune from the US, its a great machine and I quickly sold my garbage ipod

DaKid3984d ago

I got one a few months back, and with the new update I like it even more. Thinking about getting my brother the 4gb for christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.