Twisted Pixel acquired by Microsoft. The end or beginning of something new? "Today I read that Twisted Pixel has been acquired by Microsoft. While how much Microsoft actually spent on acquiring what was an indie developer is unknown, Twisted Pixel and their games are now property of Microsoft.

Upon reading about this, two things immediately went through my head. One "Yay! One of my favorite developers is now working directly with Microsoft" and "What happens if Microsoft screws them up?". I immediately became slightly concerned."

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ElementX2567d ago

Twisted Pixel is a talented developer. I'm glad I'll have more quality exclusives for my 360. I know I have plenty for my PS3.

Joule2567d ago

If it ain't a shooter, it will flop.

JokesOnYou2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Who are all these acquired dev's micro has "killed"? pffft, they closed a few studio's they owned JUST LIKE SONY HAS DONE BEFORE, the 3 studio's had all been apart of microsoft for 5-9yrs and were closed over several years timeframe, because their expertise was in PC titles that were no longer revelant in the current gaming market for example Aces studio made Flight Sim games which frankly consumers were not buying anymore, they are not nearly as popular as they once were in the early days of PC games. FASA studio's which had a bit of success awhile ago with Mechwarrior games hadn't produce anything worthwhile for years, their last game was Shadowrun which didn't do too well. As for Rare they ARE of course still making games, but I never really thought of them as the right fit for micro's fanbase, micro did nothing to hinder their creativity, Kameo, Viva Pinata, Banjo etc are good games its just that they're not really the type of games that make 360 fans take notice; still I think they will do fine for kinects casual audience but its questionable what they'll bring to the table for hardcore games, either way that isn't an example of micro "killing them off" if anything that just demonstrates having a brand just for the sake of diversity even when they don't really make the kind of games your fanbase gets excited about.

ITS JUST A MYTH, I hear it all the time, people make it sounds as if micro has brought tons of studio's 1 day, just to close them down the next day, the reality is they haven't closed any high profile studios that were making anything of significants for the 360, reality is the market has changed and those closed studio's couldn't contribute the kinds of games revelant to future of the 360's success, also some employee's from those studio's got jobs in other depts within microsoft and Ensemble quickly created Robot Ent. and are still working with micro on future games.

SockeyBoy2566d ago

Dude I know what your trying to say, but don't forget MW3 and B3 are on top of the Pre order list for PS3 (and xbox 360). Forza, Fable, Dragon Age, Batman Arkham Asylum, etc. sold/sell really well on the xbox 360 and as you know...they aren't shooters dude.

Jdrm032566d ago

did you forget that Sony has more shooters then Microsoft? It's Sony's most heavily relied upon genre lol.

NukaCola2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

It could go two ways:

1. They could give TP the freedom to make a full blown game with unlimited resources.

2. Become another slave to the Kinect Alter until they die and everything good about them will soon be forgotten. EXAMPLE: RARE & LIONHEAD

I really hope they just let them make a AAA platformer. TP is a really good company. Lot of creative talent. No need to be a pawn in the motion wars.

Jdrm032566d ago

wow, why did people disagree? It's true. It doesn't mean they are bad games. On the contrary, they are great games.




hazelamy2566d ago

i'd put money on number 2 nukacola.

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badz1492566d ago

they had some studios before and now not anymore due to closure and going independence. now that the 360 is racking them a ton of cash, good to see that they starts acquiring some studios so they can make more exclusives for the 360 and the next. I'd say good job

Cajun Chicken2567d ago

I can't wait to see them create a new retail cartoonish action/adventure IP. The Maw had a very Insomniac'y vibe to it.

Actually, they should just remake The Maw, amazing charming little game.

SlipperyMooseCakes2567d ago

I would love a cartoonish action/adventure game from Twisted Pixel. The 360 needs some more and TP would be perfect for it. I don't mind them adding Kinect controls to their games, I just hope they aren't all mandatory.

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Malice-Flare2566d ago

Splosion Man and family remains on XBox only...

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